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Daisy Soto

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Anti-Bullying

Be A Buddy.

Not A Bully!

What is Bullying?
(n.) A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
Student Viewpoints
"Hmm.. I think bullying is when someone is constantly hurting someone, whether it's mentally or physically on a daily basis"
~Vanessa Salgado
School Policy
staff, students and their parents will receive this policy prohibiting bullying: at the beginning of the school year, as part of the student handbook and/or information packet, as part of the new orientation.."
KHSD Anti-Bullying Policy
Types of bullying
: Saying or writing mean things
: hurting a persons body or possessions
: hurting someones reputation or relationship
Examples of Bullying
The Bullying Experiment
Examples of Bullying
1. "THE BULLYING EXPERIMENT!" YouTube. YouTube, 01 Dec. 2013. Web. 21 May 2014.
Works Cited
Dictionary Definition:
Student's Viewpoints
"Hurting someone physically or emotionally various times just to feel better about yourself, it can happen intentionally as well as unintentionally"
~Adriana Flores
"Bullying is when someone can see flaw in you and they point it out in a violent way so that everybody has to know about it, so they can ruin your life for as long as they want"
~Joey Ruano
"It is an issue that even though it has not reached severity at Arvin High School, it needs to be correctly addressed by both the faculty and students there are steps we can take to make this a safe school for everyone to enjoy."
~Mariela Gomez
"The Kern High School District believes that all students have a right to a
school environment and
will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student
New students should know. . .
"This policy applies to students on
school grounds
while attending or traveling to
and from school or a school-sponsored activity
, and
during the lunch period whether on or off campus
Bullying: it won't end unless you do something about it.
Take a stand. Lend a Hand.
Everyday someone in the world wakes up scared to go to school because they get bullied. Most affected by bullying are
, cyber-bullying to be exact. The problem is that no one speaks up and adults do not always see when it is happening so they do not do anything about it. There are many people who do not do anything if they witness it because it's "none of their business" Bullying causes physical, mental, and emotional damage, and it needs to
2. Agatston, Patricia W., Robin Kowalski, and Susan Limber. "Students' Perspectives on Cyber Bullying." Journal of Adolescent Health (2007)
3. "KHSD Anti-Bullying." KHSD Parents Portal. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 May 2014. <http://parents.kernhigh.org/khsd-anti-bullying/>.

4. Flores Adriana, Ruano Joel, Salgado Vanessa, Gomez Mariela, Mayorga Andrea. Personal Interviews. 21 May 2014.
If people were to
speak up
defend others
when getting bullied we can
make a change
. We need people to stop becoming bullies.
Being Different is better than being a copy.
"When someone feels insecure about themselves and decides to take it out on someone else. For example calling them brutal names, using them as a punching bag, and making them feel worthless."
~Andrea Mayorga
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