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Customer Service at IWM North

No description

Joanna Eccles

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Customer Service at IWM North

Customer Care at IWM North
What is Customer Service
According to Turban, 'Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction- that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customers expectation.'

To improve IWM North's level of customer care, Building on current work to ensure that we act as a service rather than task oriented business.
Admissions: Current Strengths
Every person is given a great visitor welcome. Staff are able to tailor the welcome providing relevant information to different audiences and able to interact with every type of individual.
Staff are friendly and passionate.
Team supports each other and helps each individual to develop.
Retail: Current Strengths
Staff are more proactive about approaching visitors.
We have created a 'Shop Stories' book and run other intensives that encourage staff to interact with visitors and demonstrate products.
All staff know how to access product information such as stock levels and extra information.
We go the extra mile.
Task lists created by myself and Gemma streamlined retail workload.
Retail: What Can Be Improved
Ensure enough staff during busy periods to allow service time.
Identify less confident members of the team for extra training.
Management should keep the team motivated throughout the shift.
Incentives for staff.
Drive sign up to the mailing list.
All staff should be comfortable approaching visitors.
New staff should be introduced to this way of thinking from day one of their training.
Staff should all be comfortable playing with visitors and demonstrating products.
Demonstration table.
Staff encouraged to take ownership over their sections.
Book reviews.
New games can be introduced to team briefings.
All staff sessions are essential at times of the year when new ranges are introduced.
Product Knowledge
Admissions: What can be Improved?
All staff should be given a guidebook during induction.
Continuation of the 'My Museum Project'.
Maintenance of the local tourist information folders.
Improve Knowledge of the Museum.
Implement Brand Guidelines for the welcome.
All staff sessions and 'guidebook selling masterclasses'
Motivation and feedback throughout the day.
Try roving guidebook sellers.
Build a Customer
Service Culture
Improved Inter-departmental Communication
R&A should be invited to meeting which discuss corporate events.
All new museum staff should be introduced to the team and phone lists should be updated frequently.
Turban, Efraim (2002). Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective. Prentice Hall
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