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Chad Stevens Portfolio

No description

Chad Stevens

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Chad Stevens Portfolio

Chad Stevens' Portfolio
Android App
Compiled in Eclipse using an HTML5 wrapper.
GPS, phone dialer, email, web view.
Unity Video Game
Used C# and JavaScript for scripting.
Multiplayer enabled.
Health/Damage system.
Animated character models (running, jumping, leaning).
MySQL Database to create user accounts & authenticate users loging in (used PHP to talk to MySQL).
Belmont College Website
Built in Wordpress.
Completely custom HTML5 compliant theme.
Running on Windows Server.
Integrated with Active Directory.
Belmont College TV System
Thin client plugged into a TV displaying a website.
Marketing Department uploads slides to a folder to change displayed images.
Marketing Department edits a TXT file to change "ticker content".
Belmont College Inventory Asset Database
Built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP.
QR Tags are Scanable to target a specific asset.
Inventory is saved to MySQL Database.
Belmont College BeAble
Landing Page
Slide show.
Advertised on billboards to capture analytics.
Belmont College
Landing site for donators.
Can donate up to $50,000.
Belmont College
Place for employees to cross-train, policies, procedures.
Built as a custom theme in Wordpress.
Authenticated by Active Directory, must be an employee.
Employees can follow up on a post and offer advice, ask questions, help keep up-to-date, etc.
Additional Acknowledgments
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP5, Java, C#, Cobol
Port forwarding, web hosting, MySQL.
3d Printing (Makerbot Replicator).
3d Modeling (Blender).
Mac OS & iOS.
Chromebook & Android.
Linux & Ubuntu.
Windows, Windows Server & Active Directory/LDAP.
VMWare Administration, Virtual Server & Client Administration
Cisco Networking.
Windows Registry.
Windows Scripting.
Adobe Photoshop.
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