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World Religion Project

No description

Derek Hasselberg

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of World Religion Project

World Religion Project
Choose your own groups
Each group member needs to participate
Give each member a task (someone to gather specific information, someone to create prezi, etc.)
Grades based on collaboration, group effort, as well as individual contribution

The Research
Use both print and online resources.
Look for supporting information
Cite your sources
Where is the religion predominantly found?
Key Figures
Other Information
Historic Notes
Basic Beliefs
What do they believe in?
The Prezi
Less words, more pictures
You are summarizing your research and sharing with class
The Prezi will be a visual presentation of that information
Presentations should be approximately five minutes
This is a general guideline and is not a concrete rule for receiving the following grades.

An ‘A’ project will have almost no errors. Artwork, visual presentation
is very neat and professional in appearance. There will be no spelling
errors, or misinformation. The presentation should further the audience’s understanding of the material being presented. All group members
will actively participate in research, completing the visuals, and in the
presentation. The presentation will be very informative with presenters
speaking clearly at an appropriate volume and minimally using note cards
(note cards are ok, reading from a script is not). All resources will be cited.
A ‘B’ project will have few errors. Artwork, visual presentation is very neat. Very few spelling errors will be evident in the project and the information will be accurate. All group members are active in their research and presentation. Presentations will be informative, clearly delivered at an appropriate volume with little use of notecards. Resources are cited. Not quite as ‘polished’ as an ‘A’ project.
A ‘C’ project will have a few errors. Artwork, visuals will be
neat in appearance. A few spelling errors might be evident
in the project with minimal inaccuracies in the content.
Group members for the most part helped equally in the
research, completion, and presentation. Presentations will
be completed in an adequate fashion and the audience will
learn something. Resources cited, some are missing, project
look ok.
A ‘D’ project will contain errors. Artwork,
visuals will be poorly done and shoddy
in appearance. Spelling errors are clearly
evident in the finished product. Group
members were off task and did not
participate equally. Presentations were
read off a script and hard to understand.
Some sources not cited. Overall quality
is poor.
An ‘F’ project is just plain poor. Many spelling errors,
inaccuracies, visuals are poorly done, group members
did not fully participate, presentations were not
informative and poorly delivered. Sources were not cited.
Sources information

Cite websites, books, etc. used in research and pictures
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