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Sedimentary Rocks


Kanxa Shah

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Sedimentary Rocks

Rocks There are 2 main types of sedimentary rocks:
Clastic Sedimentary Rocks- these are the most common type of sedimentary rocks. They are made up of broken or weathered rock fragments called sediments.

Chemical Sedimentary Rocks-these rocks are made by chemical processes or reactions. They are formed when dissolved ions released by weathering process are carried in streams or groundwater. Over time these ions end up in oceans... which explains why sea water is salty. When the water evaporates or the concentration of the ions gets too high, the ions combine to form minerals that can mount up to become chemical sediments, thus forming chemical sedimentary rocks. Some rocks are formed when a living organism dies and the remains gather up to make sediments and therefore sedimentary rocks. Rocks formed from remains of living organisms are generally described as Biochemical or Organic sedimentary rocks. Formation of Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary Rocks are formed when rocks are weathered down (broken down in smaller fragments) into sediments. The sediments are then eroded (transported) to a new location by one or more agents of erosion- water, wind, ice and gravity. Then weathered rocks are deposited and then lithificated-this is the term used to describe the process where sediments are compacted and cemented together.

These processes take
thousands and millions of
years until a sedimentary
rock is formed Types of Sedimentary Rocks Uses of Sedimentary Rocks All public structures require sedimentary rocks in their construction. This is because sedimentary rocks such as limestone are used to make cement and building houses. Sandstone is another sedimentary rock and is used for construction industry

This building is made out of tarvertine which is a sedimentary rock that started off as limestone The most common type of sedimentary rock is mudstone. Mudstone has very small sized particles so therefore most rocks can be reduced in grain size to mudstone. Also, mud sized particles are generally likely to be deposited and therefore formed deep in oceans or marine basins.Given that water covers a large proportion of the Earth, marine basins have always been present on Earth while other deposition environments might not have been (like rivers, lakes, deserts etc.) Common Sedimentary Rocks Mudstone Conglomerate Example of Sedimentary Rock By,
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