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Isang Bagsak

No description

Shari Almario

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Isang Bagsak

Isang Bagsak
Language Barrier Exercise
collective narrative of Filipino and Latino farm workers
Come together even with a language barrier
One down, one fall
Farm workers movement that was a unity clap. Starts off with a slow clap that crescendos into a faster pace that culminates into someone yelling Isang Bagsak and the community ends with a single clap that shows their togetherness
Lifting spirits to pursue our dream
Acting on passion
Heard that the Isang Bagsak would start with the hand placement on the heart because it starts with a heart beat
Form of tradition and history to stand together and fight for justice
Shows strength in numbers
A promise to each other to always be there for one another
Acting upon selflessness
We fall together, we rise together
The solidarity within a community
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