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Most Popular sports by continent.

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mac Lydic

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Most Popular sports by continent.

Most Popular sports by continent.
The most popular sport played in North America is Baseball. About 35 percent of north american fans chose Baseball as their favorite sport.
North America
The most popular sport played in South America is Football. with over 80% of South America choosing it as their favorite sport.
South America
The most popular sport in Africa is Football. Although Africa's most played sport is Rugby people have chosen Football as their favorite sport.
Football is the most popular sport in Europe. European club teams are the highest paid in the world, and the UEFA Champions League is one of the sport's most prestigious tournaments.
Asia's Most popular sport is Football. the most of asia plays Football, but Japan while they play other sports its the only asian country that plays Baseball over Football.
Australia's most popular sport is Cricket and close behind is Rugby. Australians voted that Cricket was more popular by just 20 percent more than Rugby.
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