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AP Lit - Love Medicine

No description

Barbara Hoffer

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of AP Lit - Love Medicine

The Good Tears Analysis by Barbara Hoffer and Hyeong-Sun Cho Chapter 15, pg. 276-297 in Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich Who is Lulu? promiscuous vulnerable both The Good Tears suggests that sometimes the most unexpected and difficult things will bring oneself out of his/her comfort zone, leading to self-discovery. Theme 1983 Context/Setting the end of the affair with Nector,
recovery from surgery,
unexpected help from Marie
hospice Speaker first person, singular: Lulu Lamartine The Good Tears Element progression Devices & Techniques Imagery Moth What do you see? lines 44-47 Blooming into a moth, means being set free Symbolism Blindness/Eye drops What is blindess? What do eye drops do? Bandages What are they? lines 26-32 and 83 Maybe we don’t need our senses to necessarily learn; maybe they hinder us from it.
Marie, an unexpected friend, helps her recovery lines 82-88 After the bandages come off, Lulu is “reborn” Structure I wanted him to know, if he heard, that he still had a home. (line 13-14)
It suprised me, after all, how much I felt. (line 25)
New worlds, I thought, beyond this. Things of which I'd never heard (lines 48-49)
We fell to hearing the music again. (line 73) Sentences set off, giving importance; the most important lines that expose Lulu’s realizations. Recurring question?
Why does Lulu finally change so late in life? 1. She has been locking herself in her own shell, not allowing her to make new relationships.
2. Nector died, maybe he hindered her, maybe he wasn't all that much.
3. Nector died, maybe she wants to continue the connection through Marie.
Henry Jr., and Marie - character change
Characters who are misunderstood Motif throughout the novel More Connections? A Good Man Is Hard To Find Fin Native Americans are also misunderstood
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