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Moore's Law

Jay Morris

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of iPads

Swipe and Learn iPads Changing the Way and Rate of Learning Cuba-Rushford CSD
Rural District
875 Students
175 Staff Demographics Started two years ago with e1b and CA BOCES
Chris Cappelletti hosted the first pilot set.
10 classroom pilots last year.
21 classroom pilots planned for this year. iPad Pilots 6th, 8th & 11th graders taking them home now.
Half a dozen classrooms have in classroom sets. iPads this year 6-12 * 3 grade levels / year
K-5 * 6 classrooms / year Next 3 years Students
e1b and CA BOCES
Educational Collaborators Partners in Success Key stake holders
Pilot programs
Professional Development
Answers BOCES are Essential Partners Mission Goals $ Purchasing
Distribution Support Curriculum
Integration P. R. Infrastructure Professional
Development To prepare students to be life-long learners who are independent, involved, and conscientious citizens in a global community. Mission: To grow as a regional
model of excellence. Vision: For all students College and
Career Readiness Admin and Staff
Shared in classrooms
In One to One How are they used? Staying connected while on the go
calendars Admin and Staff Engage
Down load
Up load
Explore Classroom Sets Notes
Grading One to One Examples 8th Grade SS
8th Grade ELA
8th Grade Math
HS Spanish Cappelletti Volz & McGraw Ellison Morris & Cappelletti
Cuba-Rushford CSD
www.crcs.wnyric.org Lea^ning r For E1B 2.4.2013 Play commercial free video here.
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