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Legend by Marie Lu

Book project for Humanities.

Caroline Heyl

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Legend by Marie Lu

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Legend By Marie Lu Climax June, being very well trained in observation finds out the boy she has become friends with is Day. Knowing this, she contacts the government. At this moment though, Day has gone out to visit his brother John and give him money and food to provide for his brother with the plague, Eden. Even though he has not obtained the Plague cure, he still worries for Eden. John is the only one who knows Day is alive, the family is surprised to see government officials come to the house to capture Day. Day's mom and Eden are even more surprised to see he is alive. At this part, they kill Day's mom and capture John and sick Eden. Day surrenders and they bring all of them to the same facility Day tried to steal the plague from. During all this, June has some inner conflict with herself. For the most part, the government convinces her Day is a terrible criminal that needs to be punished. Falling Action June does some research on her brother's murder, and she finds out that Day didn't kill her brother, he merely stabbed him in the shoulder. Metias left her a message saying he found out the Plague was on purpose all along, an experiment the government has been using on poor people. He also told her they were going to kill him, and she shouldn't believe a thing they say. June now knows that they were using her to capture Day, so she goes to where Day is imprisoned and makes a plan for them to escape with John and Eden before Day's execution. They put this plan in action, but a bunch of things go wrong and they cannot save Eden. At the last moment John runs off, knowing that if he tagged along the government would catch them. The government thinks John is Day and they execute him instead, leaving June and Day to escape without anyone else. Resolution

Day and June escape, unable to save anybody but themselves. At the end they meet the Patriots, a group from The Colonies who want to rebel against The Republic. They plan to stay in hiding together and The Patriots will always be there to help, but they won't join the Patriots because that could risk them being caught. Setting and Exposition Legend takes place in a distopian world called The Republic, which is currently in war with it's neighboring country, The Colonies. The story focuses on two different people, a boy named Day and a girl named June. Day has failed the test the government makes you take, and June's score was 100%. June is considered a prodigy, and Day a criminal. The Republic is currently fighting a disease that they call The Plague. At the beginning June's brother Metias is murdered, and the main suspect is the Republic's most wanted criminal, Day. When we are focused onto Day at the beginning, we find out his brother has caught the Plague. Day goes to a government facility to steal some of the Plague's antidote, knowing his family won't be able to afford it. This is where he supposedly killed Metias. Rising Action Day arrives at the government facility to steal the antidote to the Plague. He fails at the task and as he escapes he stabs an official in the shoulder, who we later find out is Metias. June is assigned a mission to track Day down, and she has motive because he killed her brother. June pretends she is a homeless person while she tracks Day down on the street, the whole time the government keeps her under close supervision, to see what she finds out. While she's out searching she finds a boy in the street and befriends him. Coincidentally this is Day. Theme I think the theme is friendship because under all circumstances, June and Day became friends when they were supposed to be enemies. Even after all June had done to Day, he still forgave her and they escaped from the facility, and Day wasn't executed. Essential Question I think that if you do what's best for others, not for yourself, you will surely prevail. June made one decision to help Day and it changed both of their lives for the better. In the face of adversity, what causes one to prevail and another to fail?
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