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Untitled Prezi

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Maddi Wilson-Niessen

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

(5SOS)by Maddi 5 seconds of summer Members Their Music 5 Seconds of Summer members : - Luke Hemmings (vocals & guitar)
- Michael Clifford (guitar & vocals)
-Calum Hood (bass & vocals)
-Ashton Irwin (Drums & vocals) It all started in December 2011 when 3 boys from Sydney Luke, Calum and Micheal, who all attended the same school; Norwest Christian College, started posting videos of themselves singing on YouTube. Their cover of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber "Next to You" received over 600,000 hits. Later on they decided they needed a drummer and that's when Ashton joined the band and the 5 Seconds of Summer (also known as 5SOS) we know today became to be. How they became 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings They have many covers on YouTube, but they have also written
their own songs and have released 2 EPs.
In 2012 On June 26th they released their first EP 'Unplugged' with their 2 songs 'Gotta Get Out' and 'Too Late'. Also in 2012 on December 7th, they released their second EP 'Somewhere New'. With the songs 'Unpredictable' 'Out of My Limit' 'Beside You' and 'Gotta Get Out'.
They also have other songs that they have not released on an EP. They are 'Green Light' 'Heart Break Girl' 'Lost Boy' 'Over and Over' 'Superhero' and 'Try Hard'.
Also they are currently working on their first album YAY!!! Name: Luke Robert Hemmings
D.O.B: July 16th 1996 (16yrs old)
Family: Liz Hemmings (mum) Andrew Hemmings (dad) Ben Hemmings (brother) Jack Hemmings (brother) Molly (dog)
Education: Year 11 Norwest Christian College
-Colour: Blue
-Movie: Anchor Man
-Number: 7
-Animal: Penguin
-Singer: Josh Ramsay Calum Hood Name: Calum thomas Hood
D.O.B: January 25th 1996 (16 yrs old)
Family: Malia Koa Hood (sister) Parents Unknown
Education: Year 11 Norwest Christian College
-Colour:Baby Blue
-Movie: Anchor Man
-Food: Pizza
-Singer: Guy Sebastion
-Sport: Soccer Michael Clifford Name: Micheal Gordon Clifford
D.O.B: November 20th 1995 (17)
Family: Unknown
Education: Attended Norwest Christian College
Word: Cheeseburger
Movie: Forest Gump
Chewing gum flavour: Watermelon
Chocolate: Cadbury Twirl
Disney Movie: Camp Rock Ashton Irwin Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin
D.O.B: July 7th 1994(18)
Family: Harry Irwin (brother) Parents Unknown
Education: Attended/graduated Richmond High School
-Movie: Pursuit of Happiness
-T.V Show: Family Guy
-Singer: James Morrison
-Number: 18
-Food: Spaghetti
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