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The Intern

No description

Sienna Phan

on 20 August 2016

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Transcript of The Intern

The Intern
Movie Overview
OB Topics

Jules Ostin - Anne Hathaway
Ben Whittaker - Robert De Niro
Personality/ DiSC Profile - Jules
High D personality
Afraid of losing control of her company
Likes challenge: success of her company
Take action/ make quick decisions: fast-paced working environment (i.e., Riding bike in the office)

Internal locus of control
: believes what she does influence the relationship between her and her husband

High self-efficacy:
acts confident when everyone in the company want a CEO
Personality/ DiSC Profile - Ben
High I and High S
Make good impressions when start working
Pay attention to relationships with people
Enthusiasm: help others with their job & life
Loyal: stay in one company for 40 years
Patient: deal with Jules’ bad attitude
Work late; get ready whenever Jules needs him
High Self-monitoring
Adjust himself when dealing with different people and situation
Organization - About the Fit
Horizontal Integration
Simple Structure
High Span of Control
Pattern A
Job Enlargement

Organizational Socialization
Three Stages

1) Anticipatory Socialization

2) Encounter

3) Change & Acquisition

Organizational Behavior Topics
Personality & DiSC Profile
Bruce Tuckman’s Group Development
Organizational Design & Culture

Motivation: Jules

Motivation: Ben

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
Leadership Style: Jules Ostin
Physiological + Safety
Theory Y
Looking for the company to grow
Power and Achievement
Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Leadership Style: Ben
Self-Esteem + Self Actualization
Theory Y
Looking for a challenge
Achievement and Affiliation
Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Closing Statement
Failure to accept Ben
New CEO → threat to the company
Company’s loss of identity
Change in culture


Thank you!
Lewin’s Behavioral Style:
Participative Leadership
Share decision making with the group: open discussion on webpage layout
Retains final authority: Whether to have a new CEO or not
Path Goal Leadership Style:
Achievement Oriented
Set challenging goals: reaching higher sales and always try to make the company better

Situational Leadership Style:
Explains what and how to do: teaching employees to pack
Inspirational Leadership:
(With Ben's Help)
Positive feedback & recognize individual accomplishment: encourage employees and show appreciation
Lewin’s Behavioral Style:
Free Rein
Indirect: Give suggestion and advice only when people ask for
Path Goal Leadership Style:
Show concerns for others: always keeps an eye on everyone’s’ situation and offer advice & encouragement (Give Davis a place to stay)
Situational Leadership Style:
Followers are empowered to make decision: Encourage and give advice frequently
Inspirational Leadership:
Servant Leadership
Listen first
Emotional support: When Jule is facing difficulties
Value People: Praise Jule and others frequently
Lift others up: encourage Becky and other co-workers
Spencer Shapiro, Feiyang Xu, Jacob Lee, Anik Shah, Sienna Phan, Yu Chin Chiang
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