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Sky Diving Ms. Weaver

Lena Marica Emanual and Princess AMY

Aliyah Sop

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Sky Diving Ms. Weaver

By: Aliyah, Lena, Marica and Amanuel SKY DIVING What forces are acting upon a skydiver? What is Skydiving? The forces acted on a persons body during skydiving are gravity and buoyant force. Skydiving is a sport, legal in the United States, where you're jumping from an aircraft, free falling before landing by a parachute. Skydiving FAQS: Where is skydiving most popular? What role, if any, do parachutes play in your extreme sport? Skydiving is most popular in Australia, Parachutes are used when returning to the ground with while using a parachute to slow down during the final part of the jump. with 10 locations within 50 miles. Is skydiving safe? Yes it is entirely safe to go skydiving,
you have more chances of getting hit by a car about a hundred more times in your own street and dying than jumping out of a plane and getting hurt. Kursplat Inc. The reason that skydiving is safe is because of gravity and buoyant force acting upon each other. When the person jumps, the gravity and buoyant forces are EQUALING EACH OTHER OUT Skydiving is legal in the US. We agree with this because skydiving gives you a "rush", and it's something that you don't get to experience everyday. How do you know if an object is accelerating? An object is accelerating when the pace goes faster in the duration of time. Acceleration is usually going at 9.8 m/s/s Now that you have learned the basic questions asked about skydiving, here are some more facts we would like to share with you! How are mass and acceleration related? They are related thanks to Newton's second law. F=ma where the force is equal to the mass times acceleration. To find the force of an object, you need the mass of an object and the acceleration. How are Speed and Velocity Different? SPEED- It is the distance moved by an object per unit time.

VELOCITY- It is the speed an object takes up, in any direction. How do you calculate the velocity? (v = p2-p1/ t2-t1)+direction
This is the formula to finding the velocity.
P= position
T= time
V= velocity Story problem:
Alex traveled 60 kilometers in 4 hours. What is his speed? HINT: Equation for finding speed: speed = distance/time Force is measured in Newtons. This comes from Newton's 2nd Law of Motions which is the acceleration a of a body is parallel and directly proportional to the net force F acting on the body, is in the direction of the net force, and is inversely proportional to the mass m of the body F = ma. Our Kursplat Commercial Are there any skydiving competitions internationally or nationally? Yes , there is 1 national competition which takes place in Arizona once a year. Provided by USPA. The USPA Nationals are the largest annual skydiving event in the world. In two weeks, more than 500 skydiving competitors from across the country. You can enter this competition you email Nancy Koreen, USPA’s Director of Sport Promotion, at sportpromo@uspa.org. at least two weeks before their next competition:December 28, 2012 through January 2, 2013 Let's say that we're trying to find out how fast a car travels east. The first time, it takes a car 48 seconds to travel a mile. The second time, it takes 44 seconds. The average time for it to travel a mile is 46 seconds. So V= 46 secs. east. Works Cited
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"Understanding Speed and Velocity." Suite101.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2012. CITATIONS How is the measurement of force expressed? from Is skydiving legal in the US? Weight is related specifically to the gravity applied to it. So long as the gravity around the object changes, its weight will change (while its mass is not). Explain how the weight of an object can change while its mass remains constant.
Answer: The weight depends on the planet's gravitational pull. So if you were 50 kilograms, you'd be 110 pounds on Earth. If you go to the Moon you'd be 18.2 pounds, but you'd still be 50 kilograms because your weight changes, but your mass does not.
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