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CRM meeting

omidreza Ajdary

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of CRM

Goldiran CRM presented by CRM team Operational Analytical Marketing Channel Sales Loyalty Club Sales force Marketing Automation Goldiran CRM
Vision & Mission Dealer & FSM Strategy Customer Strategy Strategic Campaign Management:
- Customized customer campaigns
Group orientation
Individual orientation
- Customized channel campaigns
Retail Shops
Dealer Shops
Modern Channels
Online Channels
... Collaborative Service Co operation with Other brand Customer & FSM
Knowledge Repository - Customer classification (life style, geographic areas, ...)
- Products classification (economic, medium, luxury)
- Valuing Sales & Marketing polices (pointing system, loyalty club,...)
- "Feel Good" strategy - Discovering new market opportunities based on consumer behavior analysis (Kmart, Siemens, ...)

- Market potential based on regional analysis

- Instant campaign progress tracking

- Market research analysis Marketing Analysis Create Data Warehouse from CIC, DIC & Online e-ticketing feedback Loyalty Club partner selection based on customer needs Customer Strategy To create pleasant communication environment for Goldiran customers and create desire of being subscribed in Vision: Mission: - Create Knowledge Repository of CIC ,DIC
- Use Cooking School as a useful tool in
- Use CRM report and DM prediction in Marketing Campaign Planning
- Use Loyalty Club environment to reduce cost of marketing and increase efficiency
- Expanding network of our new chain store with new facility Personnel Strategy
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