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Science 10 Climate Project by Benton, Will and Colton

Colton Buckler

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Climate

How People Affect Climate Change. Investigating Global Energy
Transfer and Climate Change The Role of Science and Technology There is evidence that human activities and actions influence the global climate and it continues to increase. Carbon dioxide concentrations have increased over time. This is thought to be due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil which produce carbon dioxide. The sort of activities that causes the emission of carbon dioxide include electricity power generation, driving auto mobiles, heating of houses and, travel in air planes. As carbon dioxide concentrations have increased so have globally temperatures. "Days above 37.8 degrees centigrade are now five times more common then between 1911 and 1930 and extremely hot summers such as we have seen in the USA and Australia recently are ten times more wide spread globaly then between 1951 and 1980". From: Geoffrey Lean. (January 11th 2013) Daily Telegraph news paper. Http: //www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/envirnment/global warming.htm Just think about a world without trees Measuring, modeling, and interpretation of climate data is important in providing a scientific base to understanding climate change. "Recently the Climate Vulnerability Monitor report concluded that the worlds carbon-based economy is causing five million deaths a year, many in poor countries." From: Geoffrey Lean. (November 23rd 2012) Daily Telegraph news paper. Http: //www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/envirnment/Climate change.htm However there are limitations in our ability to make predictions related to climate and weather because climate and weather are complex systems that are changing all the time. while average temperatures have been increasing we still get plenty of cold days. Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are now believed to be higher than at any time in the past fifteen million years. How can we Reduce our impact on Climate change In 2012 the World Bank reported that devastating climate change threatened to make the world dramatically different.
We should all think of ways we can influence how we protect our world.
-We should reduce are reliance on the carbon based economy.
-We should invest more in nuclear energy.
-We should protect our forests and plant more trees.
-We should even be careful about increasing population.
-We should respect traditional ways of looking after our land and oceans.
-More of us should partake in the process of using and producing biomass.
-Local organic foods produce for ethanol which makes them more effective in the process of biofuel. This lessens the production of C02 by 200%. Tundra Biome By: Will, Colton, and Benton Risks and Benefits of Human Activities
in Biomes What will happen if humans don't stop activities that negatively affect our climate and climate change? If we do not stop, increasing energy is likely to cause extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tornado's.
Another affect of rising temperatures is melting ice caps at the north and south pole, causing a rise in sea level. Millions of people around the world live with in a few feet of sea level, adn they will lose there homes and farm land. Health Issues Involving Climate Change Humans health can be affected by climate change in many ways. Some of the simple ways is Thermal stress which includes Deaths, illness, injury or death from flooding, storms and, burning from fires. Also this can happen by microbial proliferation which is food poisoning, unsafe drinking water, and salmonella app from animals in certain biomes. Also climate change can affect farmers crops which could lead to bad foods or decrease in certain ingredients from that crop. Humans houses can also be damaged which could affect the way of living and keeping healthy.
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