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This Prezi will review causes, key players, and outcomes of WW I.

Pamela Rockenbach-Plahs

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of WW I

Causes of WW I
Extreme pride in ones nations to the point that the people thought they were better than other nations
Strong nations were taking
over weaker nations,
which led to harsh
competition between nations
Strong nations taking
over weaker nations,
which led to harsh
competition between
The policy of building up
strong military forces, this
caused tension and mistrust
Countries agreed to
back their allies in disputes,
which could cause a small
event to become a major war.
World War I Begins

The Spark
The assassination of the
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
The Central Powers
The Allies
The United States goes from
Neutrality to War

The Zimmerman Telegram
Sinking of the Lusitania
The United States Prepares for War
1. War Industries Board
2. War Labor Board
3. Food Administration
Liberty Bonds
Selective Service Act
1. Took men's jobs in the factories
2. Built weapons
3. Provided support services to the military
The Great Migration
African Americans
African Americans headed to northern
and western cities to work in the factories.
African American served in the military and
fought bravely.
New Methods of Warfare
New Weapons
Chemical Warfare
Fighting WW I
American Expeditionary
Harlem Hell Fighters
The Battles
Battle of Belleau Wood
1. First major battle the U.S. forces involve in
2. Lasted 3 weeks
3. U.S. Marines defeated the Germans
Battle of Argonne Forest
1. Last major Allied offensive
2. Lasted 47 days
3. Allies won
Paris Peace Conference
Wilson's Fourteen Points
1. Not secret agreements
2. self-determination
3. League of Nations
4. Peace without victory
Treaty of Versailles
1. Harsh terms for Germany
2. Self-determination
3. League of Nations created
Other Allies' Goals
1. Germany has to pay large reparations
2. Germany made to take the blame for WW I
e. Germany is disarmed
Congress rejects the
Treaty of Versailles and
the League of Nations.
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