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Jumano Tribe

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Jumano Tribe

Jumano (Umono) Tribe

By Kyra and Zain

Tools and weapons
The Jumano tribe made needles from bone splinters for sewing clothes. They also used bow and arrows and spears. They made these tools out of and with buffalo, wood or stone. They also used clubs and cudgels made of hardwood. And they used horses for transportation.
The Jumano tribe traded corn, beans, and dried squash with other village tribes for meat, cactus fruits, pine nuts, and pelts. They also traded cloth, turquoise, unusual feathers, pigments, shells, salt for hides, meat, and other bison products. They also provided Spanish goods and horses to other tribes.

The Jumanos collected food by growing corn, beans, and dried squash. They also traded with other tribes to get meat, cactus fruit,pine nuts and pelts.
Region of Texas
The Jumano tribe lived along the Rio Grande and the Rio Concho. They also lived in west Texas, Old Mexico, and New Mexico.
Normally the Jumano did not wear anything. But when they did wear clothes the men normally wore capes and cloaks. The women usually wore brief skirts, aprons, short sleeveless tunics, capes, and cloaks. They also occasionally wore tattoos.
The men sometimes cut their hair short and decorated it with paint. Also they left one lock on which a bird feather would hang. They also painted horizontal lines and bars all over their bodies.
The Jumano's lived in stick houses like tee-pees. Also in 2-3 story buildings made of baked mud bricks.
The Jumano tribe was the tribe mostly known for it's pottery. Their rock art includes game animal herds and geometric designs.
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