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What were Roman Roads

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matthew henning

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of What were Roman Roads

Roman Roads
How Were Roman Roads Built?
How to Build a Roman Road
1) First, the army builders would clear the ground of rocks and trees. They then dug a trench where the road was to go and filled it with big stones.

2) Next, they put in big stones, pebbles, cement and sand which they packed down to make a firm base.,

3) Then they added another layer of cement mixed with broken tiles.

4) On top of that, they then put paving stones to make the surface of the road. These stones were cut so that they fitted together tightly.

5) Kerb stones were put at the sides of the road to hold in the paving stones and to make a channel for the water to run away.
Who Built the Roads?
The many extensive roads of Rome where built by the
. The Emperor would tell the generals that he wanted to have a road built and the army would tell its architecti (chief builders) who would in turn tell there staff of agrimensores (land surveyors) and libratores (levelers).

They then "employed" the services of soldiers to do the hard labor of actually build the roads.
Where Were the Roads Built
The roads of Rome stretched across 3 continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. They went from England to Egypt and many other places. There was over 85,000 kilometres of road that was built by the Romans.

This is a true testament to the will and power of the Roman Empire.
What were Roman Roads?
Roman roads were specially engineered to endure carts, merchants and heavy foot traffic, and the Romans clearly succeeded as the roads still stand today.

The roads have lasted this long because of the way that they were built. The Romans used a plethora of materials in many layers so that the roads would be resistant to all weather conditions.
By Forde, Jarrod and Matthew
When were they built?
The Romans were building roads from 500BC until the empire fell in 1453 AD.
These roads were named after the Emperor who was in charge of the Roman Empire at the time of completion. This means that emperors tried to build many roads during their reign.
What did the Roads do for Rome
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