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Computer Adaptive Practice - EARLI SIG 2012

Presented at EARLI SIG 2012 for the invited symposium of the special interest group Digital Testing on 30.08.2012.

Sharon Klinkenberg

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Computer Adaptive Practice - EARLI SIG 2012

Sharon Klinkenberg
University of Amsterdam Based on Elo rating systeem 3 psychometric innovations
Zelf organising system (no pretesting)
Combining speed and accuracy Maris & Van der Maas (in press, Psychometrika)
Probability correct = .75 New Computer Adaptive Practice Classic CAT High Speed High Stakes
scoringrule Speed and accuracy
guessing is punished
Visual game element Valid & Reliable
ratings? Computer Adaptive Practice Validity Reliability Cito correlation Rating growth per grade per domain Repeated measures Mirror item correlation Simulations Problems:
Pre calibration of items
Difficult items: 0.5
No response time Elo rating Player 1 Player 2 http://youtu.be/3wEvwfdpqvg Statistiekfabriek Surf funding TTL
In collaboration with:
UMCU Utrecht
University Twente
UvA (Psychology & POW) Corus Chess Tournament 2008 Validity Simulation Valid & Reliable
ratings! Diagnostics new rating = old rating + weight × (score - predicted score) Filters user 3
item 9 new tag: add update diagnostics table
user id
tag id
diagnostic indices user 4
item 2 filter item tags user 4
item 5
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