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Robot Toys

By Lucy, Kayla, Faith

Lucy Peloso

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Robot Toys

Robot Toys
By Lucy Peloso, Kayla Croxton, and Faith Moore What is a robot? Robot- a machine that
performs complicated tasks
and is guided by automatic controls. Tasks of The Robot Toy To entertain people
To teach Human Tasks Talk
Plays music
Controlled movement How is the robot
programed to do
these tasks? What impact do these
toys have now? In 1970 "Rock Em Sock Em Robots" and the "Gigantor Robot" were on the top 10 popular toys. "Furby" toys were a big hit in the 90's. In 2000 to the present some popular toys included the robots Pleo, RoboSapien, Aibo, and Lego Mindstorms. Pleo RoboSapien Aibo Lego
Mindstorm Gigantor Robot Rock Em Sock Em Robots The popularity of robot toys is increasing. In the future there will be much more advanced and complicated robot toys. The possibilities are endless for new ideas with different programming and designs for future toys. Jobs and Careers the Production of
Robot Toys Can Create Toy designers
Toy builders
Robot programmers
Companies that make materials for the robot toy Robot programming can seem very complicated and confusing to us. Some robot toys are pre-programmed which means that they already know what to do and you can just press a button for them to do it. Other robot toys are not pre-programmed and you can decide what they do. The robot toy "Furby" is a pre-programmed toy, while "Lego Mindstorms" are not pre-programmed. The robot toys are programmed with a code. The code uses letters, numbers, and symbols to explain to the robot what to do. The robots also know what tasks to do by combining sensors, compuation, and motors. The idea of programming is to allow the robot to be able to act intelligently with their surroundings. Sample Programming
Code Thanks for Watching! Sources www.robotshop.com
Pictures: Google Images
Video: Courtesy of Youtube
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