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Seefbier strategy

No description

Guillaume Esseldeurs

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Seefbier strategy

Seefbier : Communication Strategy Introduction Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat The strategy Communication campaign Objectives Communication
Campaign Coornaert Kevin, Esseldeurs Guillaume, Godfroid Florent,
Lemmens Victoria and Salvador Jose Maria Know the name of the product ;

Increase brand visibility ;

Increase brand awareness ;

Strengthen the brand image ;

Encourage the discovery and purchase of
the product ;

Create a trust relationship between the brand and consumers
"Seefhoek" popularity (1820-1930)
Spicy taste,
19th century recipe Consumption habits (25% of the 36-50
belgians are reducing their visit in bars),
Cocooning Trends,
Expert niche : attracted by traditional
breweries and high quality beers. •New product- no awareness
•No Seefbier brewery,
•Distribution's exclusivity,
•Saturation of existing market •Economic crisis,
•Other regional brewers,
•Belgian laws (alcohol rate, hygiene) Survey and research
Target and positioning
Effectiveness Basic issue Strategy Communication campaign Conclusion Basic issue Strategy Communication campaign Conclusion Basic issue Strategy Communication campaign Conclusion Basic issue strategy communication campaign conclusion The target group Socio-demographic criteria :
Active man ;
25 – 55 years old ;
From middle or upper classes.

Psychographic criteria :
Craft beer and strong beer consumer + connoisseur ;
Looking for good and special tastes.

Consumption habits :
Convivial moment in the evening with his friends or family ;
Emotional attachment for Belgian tasty beers.

Active men from 25 to 55 year old, craft beer and strong beer consumers who like to consume it at home or in the Horeca in the evening to spend a good moment with their friends or their families. In one sentence... Description

Bicycle seat covers in the color of Seefbier ;
In the main cities of Belgium ;
Bicycles parking stations of the SNCB ;
Logo + QR code.


Improve the visibility and the awareness of Seefbier ;
Convince people to be part of the contest on Facebook ;
Create trust relationships with the consumers ;
Huge number of bicycle in Belgium.


2 promoboys per city with a car ;
Pre-defined itinerary ;

17 cities , 29 parking stations ;
an average of 10.000 places.

When Bicycle seat covers Pre-test before the launch of the campaign :

- questionnaire to expose our ideas
- representative sample of the target group
- collect their opinions and estimate their motivation.

Post-test after the campaign :

- compare the results
- estimate the effectiveness

Tools to measure :

- count the number of visits on the website and on Facebook
- analyze the media fallout
- questionnaire
- number of sales , market share How to measure the effectiveness of the campaign? Description
The goal is to create small videos that will explain the universe of Seefbier but also the way of production of an artisanal beer.

There will be 4 videos. Seefbier’s video
Why ?
This actions allows us to create an interaction, a link between you and your consumers.

How ?
They will be published on your Facebook page. It will be interesting for the consumers.

When ?
During the first four weeks of the persuasive phase, then from the 15/09 to the 15/10.

The goal is to create a trendy Christmas box for the Seefbier bottle which respects the world of the brand Design school contest – Christmas box Why ?
It allows you to have a trendy Christmas box made by future designers and it’s free.

How ?
We choose to start a contest with different design schools.

When ?
The launching of this contest will be at the beginning of October and will last the whole month. The boxes will be present during the final phase. Description

Discovery of the Seefbier
Taste of the product Degustation stand Why ?
We know that beer consumption is rising then consumers buy their beer in the supermarket.

How ?
To discover and to want to buy Seefbier, consumers have to taste it. We will put degustation stands in some Delhaize supermarkets.

When ?
Every Friday of December. A survey and a desk ;
SWOT, target and positioning ;
The goals of our actions ;
The campaign is organized in three phases :
Offensive phase
Persuasive phase
The recall phase Conclusion Positioning Retro product Vintage trend

"The spicy strong blond beer with a special recipe
and a method of brewing that's represented by the
vintage side of Seefbier." Kinepolis : Seefbier's seats Brussels Food Fair Christmax Box Description ? Why ?
Target Cinema
No place to seat

When ?
From the 15/09 Why ?

More than 150.000 consumers
Looking for new quality products

When ?

From the 06 to the 21/10 How ? Seefbier's booklet Description

The Seefbier
Its history
Link to the Facebook page and the website Why ?
Inform, make discover the consumers

When ?
During the whole campaign Degustation stand Description

Recall action
Make the consumer buy

When ?

Friday's of December In one sentence...

Active men from 25 to 55 years old, craft beer and strong beer consumers who like to consume it at home or in the catering sector in the evening to spend a good moment with their friends or their families. Before the campaign Update website ;
"Drink different, drink seefly !"
Guidelines Launching phase "Catch consumers' Attention " Persuasive phase "Generate Interest" Final phase "Provoke Desire
and Purchase" Why ?
Seefbier is unknown by the consumers
Linked with the campain How ?
3 bottles - 3 cities
Booklets When ?
At the early begining of the 1st Phase
29-30 June 2013 Insufflate bottles of Seefbier Tram-Bus advertising Why ?
Belgian holidays habits How ?
Printed-advertising's on tramways and buses ;
Belgian coast + 5 big belgian centers. When ?
01/07/2013 --> 31/07/2013 Contest photo : "How far can you go ?" Description
Consumers take picture in an unusual place ;
The most "like" will win ;
Winner : 4 Christmas boxes + a visit of the brewery

Why ?
Easiest and cheapest mean of communication
(70% of the Belgian using online social networks)

When ?
Begin : Beginning of the campaign
Winner : 15/11 Description
Seefbier's bottles + glass + coaster + personalized bottle opener Why ?
To boost sales in link with the stand degustation

When ?
From 01/12 to end of stock/January 2014 Launching
phase Launching
phase Launching
phase Launching
phase Launching
phase Persuasive
phase Persuasive
phase Persuasive
phase Persuasive
phase Persuasive
phase Final
phase Final
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