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Everything That Rises Must Converge

No description

Haley Bergeson

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Everything That Rises Must Converge

Everything That Rises Must Converge...
Julian’s mother needs to go to her workout class due to her high blood pressure
Julian’s mother is scared to ride the bus alone because of there recent lift on segregated laws so she makes Julian come with her
Julian sits next to a black woman to make his mother mad
The son (Carvar) of this woman sits next to Julian's mother.
The mother of Carvar becomes irritated at the twos connection.
The mother gives a penny to a little boy because he’s black as an act of charity.
The boys mom becomes mad and hits her with her purse
Scares Julian’s mother causing her stroke which leads to her death.
Julian has moment of grace

All That Rises Must Converge
was written in 1961. We infer that this story is set in the south based on the characters lifestyle and racism that is present throughout the story.
Literary Devices
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Flannery O'Connor
Quiz Answers
Quiz Answers
Your thoughts on the

The penny:
Discuss with the class how your answers changed after this discussion and how you feel about certain topics.


--"There are no more slaves" He said irritability. "They were better off when they were" She said. -A conversation between Julian and his mother.

--"The ones I feel sorry for are the ones that are half white, they are tragic" -Julian's mother

Class Systems
--"Since this had been a fashionable neighborhood forty years ago, his mother persisted in thinking they did well to have an apartment in it." -Julian's thoughts

--"Most of them in it are not these kind of people. But I can be gracious to anybody." -Julian's mother

--"Everything that gave her pleasure was small and depressed him" -Narration

--"He walked along saturated in depression as if in the midst of martyrdom he had lost his faith." -Narration

--"Most miraculous of all, instead of being blindfolded by love for her as she was for him, he had cut himself emotionally free from her and could see her with complete objectivity" -Narration

--"He would of liked to teach her a lesson that would last her a while" Narration
--"The frustration of having to wait on the bus as well as ride on it began to creep up his neck like a hot hand"

--"The woman next to him muttered something unintelligible to her self. He was conscious of a kind of bristling next to him, muted growling like that of an angry cat."

-"Her doctor had told Julians mother that she must loose twenty pounds on account of her blood pressure."

-"Her face seemed to be unnaturally red, as if her blood pressure had risen."

Southern Gothicism
--Only Julian and the little boy Carvan had names while the women in the story were nameless.

--The racism is an example of southern lifestyle at this time

--Her natural born status and material presence
--He has liberated, intellectual views about race.
--He dreams of being a writer. College has enlightened Julian’s view on social equality and racism.
--Julian has a limited idea of black culture because
of his moms overbearing limited view of the world.
--Throughout the story it becomes clear that Julian has no real intention of communicating with people of other races but rather aims to spite his mother. (His irritation with his mother’s outdated views may even reflect irritation with himself for being unable to connect with blacks or even engage in small talk with them.)
--Julian’s perception racial equality isolates him from reality.
Julian's Mother
--Has a racist view on African Americans because of her upbringing on a plantation and a former slave owning family.
--She supports slavery and segregation.
--She upsets Carver’s mother, who ends up hitting her with her purse which causes her to have a stroke.
--After her apparent stroke, she becomes confused and disoriented.
--She functions as a model of old southern gentility, she holds onto racist ideas while also showing pity for people of other races.
A 4 year old black boy that sits next to Julian’s mother on the bus. He tries to play with Julian’s mother. Carver is oblivious to his mothers imposing attitude.
--Carver’s mother is a very impatient black woman on the bus.
--She angrily chastises Carver for trying to play with Julian’s mother.
--She wears the same hat that Julian’s mother wears.
--When Julian’s mother gives Carver a penny she becomes extremely enraged and hits her with her purse very hard causing her to have a stroke.
Carvers Mothers
"The Black man"
This man is dressed in a suit with a briefcase. Julian sits next to him and tries to communicate but fails. The man becomes irritated with Julian and finds him intrusive. It makes Julian’s mother uncomfortable when he tries to talk to this man, which is the mans main role in the story.

"The woman with the shoes"
A white woman on the bus who shares the same narrow minded views as Julian's mother, the two discuss these ideas together during the bus ride. She moves to the back of the bus when the man boards.
The Penny
The penny that Julian’s mother gives to Carver represents her patronizing attitude toward all African Americans. Even though Julian’s mother gives him the penny as what she considers kindness, it is taken as a racial and rude accusation.
The penny symbolizes the continuation of blacks depending on whites.

Centuries of anger and the promises of the growing civil rights movement,

Would you be offended if someone gave you
a penny?
The Hat
--Julian’s mother and Carver’s mother both wearing a purple and green hat symbolizes equal social footing. Julian’s mother, being white, puts her on a higher social plane than the black woman, but the hat, in a sense equals them out.
--They both ride the same public transportation, shop in the same stores, and even have the same taste in clothing. The hat also represents how segregation is unnecessary and shows how people are more alike than not.

A change in the symbols meaning:
“The vision of the two hats identical broke upon him with the radiance of brilliant sunshine.”
1) C

Short Answer discussion ...
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