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Catholic Weddings

No description

Alexa Ortman

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Catholic Weddings

Courtney Guillory
Liz Levin
Alexa Ortman
Elizabeth Quinsay
Carly Rubin
Clarissa Teixeira
Megan Turner Traditional Catholic Weddings Traditionally, held in a Catholic Church during Mass

Reading of the banns by Priest (three weeks prior)

Pre Marriage Counseling program required

Engagement ceremony by Parish Priest

Includes other common wedding traditions (bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party)

Catholic weddings cannot be held between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday

Catholic wedding is one of the 7 sacraments Pre Ceremony and Ceremony Rituals Modesty is emphasized

First time brides wear white, second time brides wear more subdued color

Groomsman - morning suit or tuxedo (conservative in color)

Veil - at one time used to keep away evil spirits, now as a form of modesty Attire Officiant needs to be ordained by Catholic Church (typically a priest)

Ceremony must have at least 2 witnesses present

Priest greets guests during opening prayer

Allows individual to read Liturgy of the Word

Priest delivers homily

Couple consents to marriage

Blessing by Priest

Exchange of rings and vows by couple Officiant Rules and Duties Ceremony is main emphasis, reception is more universal

Procession of wedding party

Wedding couple announced to guests at reception

First dance (traditionally a waltz)

Say grace before dinner at reception

Wedding bouquet toss Post Ceremony Activities Lighting of unity candle

Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Wearing of the Lazzo (Hispanic and Asian cultures)

Jumping the broom (African-American)

The giving of the Arras (Hispanic culture)

More flexible in wedding location, attire, and superstitions

No more rice throwing Modern Day Traditions Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue
and a sixpence in your shoe The End

Thank you! Pre Ceremony

Ceremony Rituals

Example of Wedding Program


Officiant Duties

Video Clip

Post Ceremony/Reception

Modern Day Traditions Overview
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