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Ipad for Beginners

Master Teacher Presentation

Jennifer Werner

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Ipad for Beginners

Presenter: Jennifer Werner Welcome! 21st Century Learners The Power of the iPad Technical Specifications Click on the App Store

Click on Featured Finding Apps... Troubleshooting and Tips iPads for Beginners Ipad for Beginners Finding Apps... If you have updated to the
new operating system,
Click on Education Collections Troubleshooting and Tips Finding Apps... In Education Collections Apps are organized into categories.
Life Science
Astronomy & Earth Science
Foreign Languages
Apps for Teachers
Special Education How do you or have you, handled the 21st Century Learner in your classroom? Now, lets find useful
Apps for your classroom.... Another Way to find Apps... If you need to find an app that works on a specific skill or topic...
Click on the search box
A keyboard will appear
Type the skill
or topic you need an App
for Example Fact or Opinion Type in your topic
or skill Select an App Look at the
screen shots
the App If you want to
read a longer
description on
the App click on more How to create folders? Press your finger and hold on the App icon for 2 seconds
Apps will be began to shake
You can now move Apps
Move one App on top of another App
It will create a folder
Name the folder
Press the home button to stop Apps form shaking If an App or the iPad freezes Hit the home button
Double click on the home button
Recently used Apps will pop up
Hold down the first App
Apps will begin to shake and a minus sign in a red circle will appear in the left corner
Click on the red circle. This will close Apps that are running in the back and save battery life. How to use the iPad in your classroom? Centers
Apps have different levels
You can set a timer
Assign groups different Apps to use
Apps can record students reading
Use Apps to model fluency
Use iMovie to publish writing pieces
Practice Math facts
Challenge students
Journeys leveled readers can be downloaded and saved in iBooks
Use the iPad to reward good behavior or success Questions? Thank you!
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