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2014-2015 Course Registration

Chester High School (Chester, IL) Pre-registration process is explained to all students at once through the use of technology.

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Transcript of 2014-2015 Course Registration

The Road to Pre-Registration
The Road to 2014-2015 Pre-Registration

Put your name at the top of your form now so you don't forget to later.
This presentation will explain the process of registering for classes for next year.
The Road to 2014-2015 Pre-Registration
When is your Pre-Registration Form due?

Juniors (class of 2015): Jan. 15-16 turn in during US History I class or bring to the Student Services Office

Sophomores (class of 2016): January 16 & 21 to Advisory Homeroom Teacher

Freshman (Class of 2017): January 21 & 23 to Advisory Homeroom Teacher

The Road to 2014-2015 Pre-Registration
What do you need to do to Pre-Register?

Update/Complete your WNI 4-year plan
Write courses from your 4-year plan on your pre-registration form
Print your 4-year plan from your WNI Portfolio & turn it in with your pre-registration sheet
(make sure your name is on both documents)

The Road to 2014-2015 Pre-Registration
Need help with your WNI Portfolio, 4-year plan or picking classes?

Help sessions will be available in computer lab 105 to answer registration questions & help with WNI Portfolios and 4-year plans during homeroom on January 9 and 10.

Please note: the courses available for you are listed on the back of your Pre-registration form.
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