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CASC 2010

Working with Experts - Youth

Stacey Crozier

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of CASC 2010

Teenagers are experts in their own right.
Who knows more about their interests and culture? The Challenges Youth Advisors cultivating teens what do they do? Where's the balance? Recommendations & Future Ideas Questions? Lesson Learned - By Us; By Them "then i typed out the description of the event. ashleigh read it afterwards and said i could have a future in media relations. THANK YOU for confusing me more!
so now i have THREE options fro back up careers: design, engineering, and now media relations. although that one does seem more mangeble alongside a music career. i couyld be a freelance writer or write a weekly column. something to do when i'm not rehearsing for music. maybe...well if mom would lay off engineering (because it's close to impossible to be a concert violinst traveling the world and be an engineer at the same time GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD PLEEEZE!)"
"i swear the demo lab is the best part of youth advisors. going in there and allowing my creative energy to flow and just.........BE is always great, and some of the things that i and the rest of the youth advisors come up with are pretty cool!" Youth Week Event 2008 240 seats. 7 participated. Youth Week Event 2009 117 participated! Youth Week 2010 Have a youth member invovled everywhere in the organization! Promote leadership skills Youth as Experts "whenever there's a group discussion there's no order, we're just inserting in whenever we feel like and sometimes we're completely off topic. and then the stronger voices of the group can take control. I guess i'm just so used to the order, tranquility, smoothness, and efficiency of Student Council" 91 participated!
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