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Unit 710

No description

paul monaghan

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Unit 710

Unit 710
Prepare and cook poultry
What is poultry?
Types of poultry
Guinea fowl
no unpleasant smell
pale pink in colour
skin should feel dry
plump breast
firm meat
pliable breastbone
no broken bones
no damage to skin
Quality points
Parts of a chicken
Preparing chicken
for roasting
for saute
birds are roasted whole
tied or trussed to hold shape
rubbed with oil and seasoned
cut into 8 pieces
even sized for portion control
each person gets 2 pieces - 1 white 1 brown meat

breast meat taken from the bone
usually with skin on
wing bone is still attached
bone is cleaned and trimmed for presentation
Storing poultry
Vacuum packing
below 8c - ideally 2-5c
Shallow fry
max 4 hours if not in the fridge
Trim - excess fat and skin
Taste - add seasoning or herbs
Truss - or tie to maintain shape
Time - 20mins per 500g
Temperature - safe core temperature
prevents bacteria growing
ready to use
slows down deterioration
-18 to -21c
food should be wrapped for protection
bacteria become dormant
food can be kept for long periods
allow food to defrost properly
removal of all air
bacteria need air to grow
slows down deterioration
food is safe from contamination
prevents drying out and damage
5 T`s of roasting
Slow cooking method
Small amount of liquid
Cook in the oven with a lid
Suited to older birds
Shallow fry
dry cooking method
suited to tender joints
Supremes and breast fillets
develops colour on meat
adds flavour during cooking
...and finally
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