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Who is the Training Partnership Ltd?

No description

Sam Swann

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Who is the Training Partnership Ltd?

Student Support

Our Student Support Officer is
We want you to be Happy!!!
What do you want to achieve?
available to....
Improve your English?
Experience a new Culture
Improve your skills?
Develop Professionally
Learn about Business
Life in England

Social Behaviour
• British people have sometimes been stereotyped as being cold or reserved.
• Most people will greet each other by shaking hands the first time they meet (especially men), but you may also see friends hugging one another (usually women).
• Queuing is very important to British people
• British people tend to use a lot of polite words - 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry' and 'excuse me'. People sometimes apologise even when something is not their fault!
• The British sense of humour can be very confusing - sarcasm is often used, as well as surreal/dark humour.
• Eye contact is seen as being sincere rather than impolite and if you look away a lot in a conversation, people may consider it rude as if you are not really listening or not telling the truth.
• Nodding the head means 'yes' and shaking the head means 'no'.
• British people will often hold a door open for one another - in old fashioned terms a 'gentleman' is supposed to hold a door open for a woman.
• Extreme physical closeness in a conversation may make British people feel uncomfortable.
• It is not usual for British people to be totally direct with someone e.g. in making a critical comment or refusing a request, as they do not like to offend or upset others. In the same way it is not usual to ask direct questions, e.g. how much someone earns, or how much someone weighs.
• When eating, it is generally considered impolite to make loud noises while you eat.

The Weather
Food and Drink

Most people think of 'fish and chips' or an 'English breakfast' when they think of British Food - However, these are not common daily meals because both are high in fat. However Devon is full of home made products and traditional English restaurants, so while your here.. TRY IT!!

Lesser known British food includes a variety of pies including, stews, chops and steaks served with potatoes and vegetables and roast dinners. Quick snacks bought for lunch are usually a sandwich, soup or jacket potato. There is also a large variety of traditional cakes and desserts or 'puddings' and many different kinds of British cheeses. Devon is famous for its Cream Tea's, Ice Cream, Fudge, Pasties and Cider. I recommend you all try as much British food as possible while you are here!!!
Give it a TRY!!!!
Night Life
Drinking culture is well-established in Britain and might seem very different to mainland Europe and what you are used to.

However, do not think it is compulsory, if you do not want to drink alcohol, it is very acceptable to buy soft drinks such as coca cola, orange juice and coffee.


Culture Shock
The weather in the UK is often a topic of conversation because it is so changeable. Do not be surprised if you go out on a sunny day, to find that it suddenly begins to rain! The weather is generally mild to cool and it is rare that there are any extremes of temperature - Cloudy and rainy weather is fairly common in all seasons.

• A study has found that for more than half of British conversations turn to our climate at least once every six hours.
• A quarter of us deem the topic of such interest that we use it as an icebreaker.
• Our obsession with the weather runs so deep that almost 70 per cent of British people check the weather forecast at least once a day.

So if you are ever short of conversation with a British person mention the weather …and buy an umbrella ;).

What To Do
Student Meetings
Meet new People
Learn English

Treat the family with respect.
Treat the house with respect.
Ask to use the phone (even if it is an incoming call).
Be quiet when you do come in at night.
Leave the bathroom clean after you have used it.
Help with the washing up after dinner (you are not in a hotel).
Communicate with the family.
Only use Skype, Facebook or e-mail on your host family’s internet.
Let the family know if you are going to be late for dinner.
Let the family know the day before, if you are not coming in for dinner.
Turn lights and electrical appliances off when leaving your room.
Ask for advice or assistance from your host family if needed.


Download anything onto your PC.
Take food without asking.
Invite anyone into the house without asking first.
Spend a long time in the bathroom if it is shared.
Have a very, very long shower and use all the water.
Text/or have a phone conversation whilst eating dinner with your family.
Do not leave your drink cups for someone else to wash up.

Host Family Guidelines

The Training Partnership Ltd. does everything possible to match students with the best Host Family that we can, taking into account distance from work, language school, friends from their group and facilities on offer. Please be assured that we at TTPL always take time and effort to find what we believe is the best Host Family for our students.


"My host family are beautiful. We had a lot of fun and a nice time. I will miss them"
Ulrike Szameitat - 2013
"Host family was nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone"
A British Family
Heating Costs
Breakfast, Lunches & Dinner times
Doctors, Dentist & Hospitals
Finding your Feet & Getting Around
Plan your route!!
Information Packs
Photo Consent?
Transport around the Bay
Top Cabs
Don't forget to Queue
Any Final Questions?
Model Village
Torre Abbey
Crazy Golf
Cliff Railway
Knowing the Bay

Who are We?

Who is the Training Partnership Ltd?

Established in 1996, our Company was created for the specific purpose of providing a safe professional environment for young people undertaking Work Experience programmes far away from family, friends and their country of birth.


Our mission is three fold, our aim is to provide;

• A 24 hour Student Safety Assistance service
• Professional training programmes dedicated to the development of cross cultural fertilization of skills
• Quality programme specific to our your requirements

Our Vision

Is to encourage young people to develop their independence, self-esteem and confidence and understand the importance of cultural diversity.

What do we do?
The Training Partnership is one of the UK's market leaders in European Work Experience (all sectors of work) a Premier Provider in the field of EU Vocational Training, Educational Programmes or Technical Visits - tailor made and designed for individuals, students, groups and Educational organisations.
Work Experience
Life Experience
Professional Development
CV Enhancement
Friendship Building
Empower People
Challenge Stereotypes
Cultural Learning
Help you to Discover Yourself
What we do for you!
Since the company was formed we have collaborated with over 60 International Partners from 17 different countries. Our Global Partnerships range from Language Schools, Education and Government Offices and Private Enterprises.
We have built a successful reputation based on loyalty, honesty, integrity and the successful implementation of quality programmes and student experiences.
Who We Work With
Sarah Piller - 2014
"I'm going to miss my host family! They are wonderful people"
Nicolas Rodriguez Fuentes - 2014
Welcome to Torbay!

Hallo, Herzlich willkommen in Torbay!
Hola, Bienvenidos a Torbay!
Ciao, benvenuto a Torbay!
Bonjour, Soyez bienvenus à Torbay!

Use your common sense

Behave as you would at home

Be aware of what’s going on around you.

Follow our advice!!

Torbay is NOT a dangerous place and staying safe here is easy

Personal Safety Tips

Don’t carry large amounts of money around with you

Don’t leave your valuables on display

Keep your host family’s address in your bag
Put the numbers of your host school, leader and host family into your phone NOW!

Important numbers for your phone

In an emergency always call
for Police, Ambulance, Fire Service or Coastguard

Police: 101 for non emergency
ICE: In Case of Emergency - your host family’s number

Important British Laws

It is illegal to buy or drink alcohol if you are under 18.
It is illegal to buy alcohol for anyone else who is under 18.

Drinking in pubs and nightclubs

It is against the law for anyone under 18 to buy alcohol in a pub or nightclub.

You will be asked for ID if you look under 18

Even if you are over 18 there are some areas in Torbay where you cannot drink alcohol. Look out for this sign.


It is illegal to carry drugs with you if they have not been prescribed by your doctor.


It is illegal to carry anything you plan to use as a weapon.
Pepper spray and any blade over 7.6 cm is illegal in the UK.

Tobacco and Cigarettes

You must be 16 years old to smoke cigarettes.

You must be 18 years old to buy cigarettes.

Do not drop cigarettes on the floor – you could be fined £75.

To help keep Torbay looking tidy, please put all your rubbish into the bins provided.
If you can’t see a bin on the street, please take your rubbish to your host family’s home and use the bin. If you are caught dropping rubbish, you could be fined £75.

We don’t have lifeguards on all of our beaches so take care in the water.

Out and About - On the Beach

Avoid swimming if you have been drinking alcohol

Please don’t leave rubbish on the beach.

Do not make a bonfire on any beach

Do not go ‘tomb stoning’

Out and About -

Please don’t feed the seagulls !!

Look out for jellyfish

Sammy the seal!!

you may be lucky and see dolphins

Do not draw graffiti anywhere

Do not steal

Many laws are the same as at home:

Do not hurt anyone

If you break the law in the UK your host families will be informed, your parents will be informed and you may be sent home.

We drive on the left (the correct!) side of the road.
Make sure you look both ways when crossing any roads.


Some things may be different in the UK…

In Britain it is normal to queue.
At the shop or bus stop please don’t push to the front, join the back of the queue and wait.


Use crossings where possible.
Look BOTH ways before crossing roads to stay safe
Lollipop men/women are there to keep you safe whilst crossing.


Our buses look like this. Make sure you find out which one will take you back to your host family’s house.

Healthwize, Union Street, Torquay

Brixham Hospital, Brixham

Midvale Clinic, Paignton

Castle Circus Health Centre, Torquay

Google ‘Sexual Medicine Services Torbay’ for a list of places to access sexual health services

Confidential sexual health advice and free contraception is available across Torbay

Sexual Health

Friday and Saturday Night Time:

Paignton Town Centre
Torquay Town Centre
Brixham Town Centre

Street Pastors

Police Officers Police Community Support Officers

People to look out for and say hello!

The Safe Place can help with:
If you are lost or vulnerable

Friday and Saturday Night Time:
Torquay Town Centre

Street Pastors - Safe Place

The CCTV is monitoring areas to prevent crime and Anti Social Behaviour and keep people safe

Torbay CCTV

Work Placement
Language Cafe
Topic's, Debates and Conversation skills!
Open to everyone!!!
Make new Friends
Contact us

Telephone or
Come and See us
TTPL Torquay -

Please LIKE our page
Meal Portions
Food Variety
You will get an email -
time, location, map and bus route
Social English
Cultural Trips
We try to organise monthly trips
Please email and tell us what you would like!
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