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Media Evaluation

No description

Charlotte Horan

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGE forms and conventions of existing media products?
Blood, Bones and Bulimia educates the viewers with the health issues that are not outlined on the similar products Extreme Dieting and The truth about size 0 although some of the effects are shown on presenter Louise Redknapp it seems that the only reason Louise did the documentary is so she herself could become part of the trend. The documentary will also provoke debates whether these dieting trends and surgery fads are really at the hands of the media for promoting the pictures of super skinny celebrities in newspapers and magazines who are seen as role models to people of all ages. People could argue that this is not at fault of the media but more on the celebrities who know that they are seen as role models to thousands to millions of people.
From the documentary we see how there is a small section where past to present faces of fashion are compared with a rhetorical question to the audience to find out which they prefer, this comparison is of Marilyn Monroe and Keira Knightley who are the past and present faces of Chanel. We can also see how pictures of celebrities are used towards the beginning of the documentary side by side as a comparison to the dramatic size changes of the celebrities to shock the audience and to show to curvy looks so much better compared to super skinny. Comparisons Throughout the documentary there is a consistent and appropriate amount of voiceovers and rhetorical questions to keep the audience interested and active, aswell as educating them while watching, the main rhetorical question based around the documentary is “Is the media to blame for the insecure society we are living in?” which the audience can decide for themselves after being given points that may support the opinions that the media is to blame or is not, leaving the audience to come up with an individual answer and opinion. Voiceovers are used when appropriate to explain the effects and to accompany footage or images and to talk the audience through to the end.
The voiceovers were done on the integrated microphone on the macs and the voiceovers questioned the audience and asked them such things as:

"Celebrities....successful, rich and perfect? Not so much.
Plastered everywhere as role models for people of all ages, but are they really good role models? or is the media contributing to the anorexic trend and the insecurities resulting in surgery?" "Problems that may 0ccur with bulimia is gun disease, life threatening tears in the stomach and oesophegus and inflammation of the pancreas."
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