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President's Job

No description

Sheyxari Ramos

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of President's Job

The President's Job Commander in Chief As the years have passed, this position has grown in power. military tactics
control of the economy Authority to limit the civil rights of Americans at home Chief Executive In this position, the president has the responsability to revise that the laws are executed. Also, the president appoints officials advised by the Senate. Chief Diplomatic As a Spokesman person and a world leader, the president has the responsability to represent a country filled with many different nationalities. The President must secure the economic status of the U.S. and at the same time promote democratic principles and human rights. Ceremonial Head of State Allows the president to conbine his administrative responsabilities with a more symbolic side of the presidental journey. Manager of the Economy Since the late 1780's, the economy has been a huge subject in the United States. It is the president's responsability to maintain it at a good rate. On the plus side, that's what mainly keeps them popular. Party Leader Hoping future presidents would follow Washington's example, the authors of the constitution basically demanded the president to be a party leader. National Leader Americans expect much more than presidency from presidents. Tha's why each of them have a different quality. Thomas Jefferson Jefferson wanted to aquire land, but he noticed the constitution didn't give the president the power to do it. Abraham Lincoln At first Lincoln was afraid of being too harch on freedom, but some people encouraged him to fight for freedom. So on January 1, 1863 he ordered all slaves free. Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt grew love for nature after his wife's death. That's why during his presidency there were so many "natural" monuments. Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt became president during an economical crisis for the U.S. His biest accomplishment was to lead americans through this crisis. John F. Kenedy John F. Kennedy made the Unite States shine in the science field. Lyndon B. Johnson He changed America's ways by bringing new rights to the table. Now that you know all the responsabilities a president has, you may want to think twice before wishing you were president of such an important nation.
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