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Instagram & Linked in

No description

Daniel Roman

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Instagram & Linked in

The Trend Best Practices The Target Capitalizing on Resources Best Suited Limitations Sustainability Instagram LinkedIn Instagram LinkedIn Instagram LinkedIn Instagram Instagram LinkedIn Instagram LinkedIn: Instagram LinkedIn Trend:
photo sharing application
capture, edit, tag, and create a caption to a photo.
caption location, tagging of other members or related topics.
follow users -- see photos as they are posted.
photo's can push to social media sites. Trend: Professional networking site
profile = online resume.
profile information, pulls & pushes relevant information
members, jobs, related news, information, connection group that might fit past and present experience.
shoes connections one may have with another. Best Practice:
Consistent and relevant to ones target audience.
Same agenda as the business
Encourage followers to spread the word of your product or service via #hashtags.
Gauge public's view of a new service/product by likes & comments
Sharing photos with family and friends via other social media sites Trend:
Networking site.
If it does not belong in the office, it does not belong on LinkedIn
Networking is the best practice, and LinkedIn perfects it.
Find employees, jobs, confirming people’s s credibility of skills. Target:
Potential customers and loyal fans.
Everyone is able to use it following family, friends or common interests
Ability to create an Instagram account and target its key audience’s and demographics by its position Target:
Individuals/ industries in professional occupations.
Working professionals, students, job seekers and influences in the community/ industry
A business targeting these individual and a individuals targeting these businesses. Capitalize Resources:
A campaign strategy.
Who are we looking to attract,
Why do we want to be here,
How are we going to do to get them here,
How to keep them here.
What are the do’s and don’ts of the company Instagram account. Internet able devices that have cameras /app installed on a device Best Suited:
Products and services that are very active in their company information. Entertainment/ Fashion and highly visual Best Suited:
Ones looking within an industry for:
Furthering knowledge / Publication Relation
Industry & Community Capitalize Resources:
Current Information
Credible references identification
Many companies using the site Limitations:
Still in its innovation / early majority stage
Individual pictures, with a small caption.
Demonstration may be done with a picture modification programs
No videos
Face to face contact with customers/clients.
Internet accessibility Limitations:
Some companies do not look for networking on linked in
Other social networking site's may steal user’s attention
Not everybody is on Linked in Sustainability:
Instgram technology may simply be stripped down and fit into Facebooks mobile platform.
Competition from other developers and mobile photo sharing apps
Facebook brings an advantage with developers / resources / recognition to compete with any competitors.
App remains free
Continuous use Sustainability
Strong and growing following.
10 years and is still growing. LinkedIn
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