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Presentation Skills

No description

Rahul K

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills
During Presentation
Pre-Presentation Stage
6 questions must be answered during preparation for the presentation
What ?
Selecting the content
Collect your material

Sort your material - need to know and nice to know

Give content a shape

Revise your presentation
Making the presentation
Have a clear structure


Use appropriate font
Avoid fancy animations
Images help
Do not give too much data, give information and be concise
Attending college
“Overall, our findings provide a combined retention rate of 92.40 % for students who attended TCD. This is very close to the previous year’s rate of 92.45%. It should be noted that these results should be interpreted on a tentative basis as it is clear that a number of other outside factors impact on a student’s ability to sustain and progress in their chosen area of study at third level.”
15,000 students come to Trinity every year
There are 3 Faculties
Morgan 2001 A study of non-completion in undergraduate University courses
The average non-completion rate across Irish Universities is 16.8%
Improve all students chances of achieving their maximum potential
Connect with students – building relationships, departmental receptions
51% of college students leave college because of lack of effective supports
Stages of Presentation
Why ?

Know the duration of your presentation
Keep time in the end for Q & A
Be familiar with the venue
Check equipment / other tools available
Time Management:

Intro - 3 min (10%)
Main Body - 15 min (50%)
Conclusion - 5 min (16.67%)
Q&A - 7 min (23.33%)
Post Presentation
Questions ?

Group 5
Pratik Panwala: 13p222
Praveen Kumar: 13p223
Rahul Kumar: 13p225

Group 5
Pratik Panwala: 13p222
Praveen Kumar: 13p223
Rahul Kumar : 13p225

Analyze your audience:
Demographic analysis
Psychological analysis
Environmental/Need analysis

Rules regarding target audience:
Ensure appropriateness of venue and equipment
Anticipate understanding and learning potential
Eliminate jargon and difficult vocabulary
How to become confident
Look confident and at ease
Make yourself comfortable - bond with the audience
Paralanguage - voice modulation
Correct posture
Use of appropriate hand gestures
Maintain eye contact with the audience
Avoid power point karaoke
And most important of all...
Be prepared
Rehearse and practice
Know your subject
Be Positive
Lack of experience
Lack of preparation
Lack of enthusiasm
"Effective Business Communication", Jain and Mukherjee, 2012
Pre Presentation
During Presentation
Post Presentation
Maintain professional distance
Use right communication channel
Feedback from the cues from audience
Non Linear fashion of presentation
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