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TET1 Task 1 Student Guidlelines for Legal & Ethical Use of Technology

No description

Sharon Dyches

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of TET1 Task 1 Student Guidlelines for Legal & Ethical Use of Technology

Surfing Safety
Written Work
& the Internet

Social Media

Future References
TET1 Task 1
Sharon Dyches
Content Censorship:
Only use safe & appropriate key words when searching
Read the description box under the heading before clicking on the link.
Whether in school or in the work place, plagiarism is NEVER ok.

It is often a punishable offense, and guilty parties are often expelled from learning institutions.

Many new softwares exist to check written work for plagarism
What to do instead:
Future College
Future Employer
Student Guidelines for Legal & Ethical use of Technology
Keep Personal Information Private!
Other Personal Things to Keep Personal
By following these internet safety guidelines, you not only keep yourself safe, you are creating a "clean online slate" which looks good to prospective employers and college admissions officers.
We use technology and social media everyday!
Learning how to use it appropriately will help to keep you safe and make the right impression!
Things to Keep Confidential Online:
Personal Information
The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas, and passing them off as ones own.
Full Name, Address & Phone Number
Age & Birthday
Social Security Number
Drivers License Number
License Plate Number
(Don't take a picture with your newly issued License or car)
Keep your clothes on! NEVER text, email or post naked pictures.
Avoid compromising situations--You never know who might be taking a picture that will last forever.
BEWARE of chat rooms and do not share personal information with anyone you do not know.
You can decrease your risk of the following online threats:
Online Predators
Site sources appropriately with Author, Reference Title, and Page numbers

Use quotation marks when using a direct quote.

Do not just reword a quote.

Do not copy and paste from an online text.
How to Safely Surf the Web
Parental Controls or (school) Networks that block inappropriate content, and monitor usage.
The access to information through the internet has increased the practice of Plagiarism in schools.
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