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Media Evalution

No description

jay martin

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Media Evalution

Me and
my project As this was the first time i hade done media, i was a bit worried that i would'nt get it. But a couple of the people in my group had, and they helped me. Forms and conventions sound Opening Title Sequence antagonist & protagonist film noir technologies &
constructing my film editing meeting my audience needs

film noir is a styleof film, were it ismainly dark. the term film noir is french for black and white. attracting my audience distribution
& exchange audience progress made
& planning production process weaknesses in our
continuity task organisational tips improvements shown
and my strengths critical theories semiotics representation
of social groups femme
fatale location for action our O.T.S was about a man that accidently got delivered a package that contained some drugs. he sells the drugs and then the person whos drugs they were goes after himm and killls him. in our O.T.S, there is a antagonist and a protagonist. the antagonist was played by mark, who was a gangster and killed the protagonist, played by tom in my group the was me, two other boys and one girl, and we werent to good at planning things. so jayde (the girl) was appointed director, and then we started to get something sorted out. when we left for christmas we thought that it had to be filmed for when we got back, so we met up a few times and sorted out when we were going to film we got organised and filmed at the footage before we got back to school. when we got back to school we were the only group that had filmed, so the started to edit it a few lessons later, just when the other groups had started filming. we got it edited and then started to add the sound, which took us quite a while as we hade to record it a few times and then the person who done the monologue had a cold, so we had to wait to record again as his voice was different. to get us started ben and ben started to think of some ideas. we had a meeting to get some more ideas sorted out. we then had another meeting one luch time to think of some titles. jayde then done a storyboard. once we had this, we started of thinking of locations and camera shots that we could use. once we had done this it became alot easier to see where to start and were to finish. once we finished filming we uploaded it all onto iMovie to see if any of the shots had to be re-shot. we then watched it through a few times to see if there were and continuity errrors. when filming our continuity task, we didnt really no what we were going to do it about, so we had a sit down and discussed. we came up with an idea and started to film once we had a few ideas down. once we had started filming, more and more ideas came to us, so we filmed it. when it came to editing it, we had to choose which shots we were going to use as we had alot more than we needed. in the end we endud up with quite a long piece and we had to cut it down a bit, we did this and it still worked well. when we edited the final piece, we used iMovie. we used this program because it had all the effects that we needed to use and it was installed on the school computer.
in alot of film noir styles films, there is normally a character (a women) who plays the role of femme fatale. this character is normally perceived as a good guy but isnt. in the older films they always used to smoke, but that convention is going out a bit. digetic sound- when we filmed there was alot of sound that we didnt want, like cars, wind, speaking, there was also noises lik the actor making a cup og tea, dropping a bottle and closing the fridge

non-digetic sound- when we were editing it, we took the some of the sound out and added music and a monologue in. the sound we took out was the cars and the talking that we didnt need in it. the monologue we used nearly goes through the whole O.T.S. James Bond, Casino Royals Opening Title Sequence is film noir. through out this project i have improved my media skills and knowledge. before this project, i had never done media before. at the start of the project i realised that it would be quite difficult because of this. when i found out that i would be doing about film noir i started to do a little bit of research on it, using the internet. me and the others in my group had to make a film, on a low budget, like a independent film company. as we had to make the film on a small budget, this will affect how we distribute it as we might not be able to afford to put up posters and adverts, this will affect the audience. we thought of this before we made it so we decided to make the film a 15, this way we can advertise the film on social networking sites like facebook. and we can also put the opening title sequence on sites like youtube and vimeo, this will get people watching the begining and then wanting to watch more. audience types there are different ways to categorise audiences. some are social groups, age, income and different types of consumers. knowing these groups will help you decide on what audience you will focus on. there are different ways to distribute a film. it could go into cinemas, but you would have to have a distributor for this, of you could make a deal with a cinema company, you could put it on the internet, the only problem with this is you wouldnt make any money. you could also put it onto dvd, blue-ray, 3D, HD and anymore options that come to you. when we filmed, we used the character (tom cowles') house. we filmed in the bedroom, the kitchen and him walking downstairs. we also used an alley way. we used an alley because we filmed at night and the alley with the streetlight on made a really good shot. the typical conventions of film noir are the dark shots, with the faces of the characters lit up, the red lipstick on females, the femme fatale character, that in older normally smoked but this convention has died out a little. to meet the audiences needs we had to make a O.T.S that was suitable for the age group that we chose and making something that people wanted to watch. to do this we made the film build tension in places so that the audience would want to keep watching.
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