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Tom Bellaire

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Globalization

Globalization is the act, policy, or process of making something popular worldwide.
Positive Effects
If products from a certain country are popular in other countries, it benefits the wealth of company and country that the service/product is from.
Globalization also benefits the people of other countries. New products invented in other countries can save lives/help make lives easier.
If something is globalized, the product is more likely to have press and have more money for publicity.
Nike was created on January 25, 1964. it was created by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Many of the products are manufactured in China. The Nike website is designed for people in over 40 countries and is #24 on Forbes list of most valuable brands (second in apparel next to Louis Vuitton)
Examples of Globalization: Nike
Doritos were launched in 1966, after PepsiCo merged with FritoLay. By 1993, Doritos were the most popular snack in America and was having similar success abroad. Even though Doritos are popular, Doritos have been criticized for being artificial and unhealthy. Doritos has many unique flavors in other countries such as Gourmet Sausage Doritos and Pepper Bacon Doritos.
Examples of Globalization: Doritos
Strained yogurt known as Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained or filtered o remove all whey. Greek yogurt is a traditional food in the Eastern Mediterranean, Near East, and South Asia. Greek yogurt has became very popular recently the United States and accounts for half the yogurt industry. Even though Chobani is an American brand, it produces Greek yogurt.
Examples of globalization that spread to America: Greek Yogurt
By: Tom Bellaire
Kathleen Kirkpatrick
and Drew DiBenedetto

Geo 4
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Paper is used all over the world, and the average American uses 660 pounds of paper a year. Paper was invented in China in the second century, even though papyrus is a similar egyptian invention.
Examples of globalization that spread to America: Paper
Fiercely-competitive global market and unethical business practices.
Helps many terrorists and criminals. Allowing humans, materials, and food to be legally transferred across borders.
Fast food chains are spreading worldwide such as McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King. People are consuming way too much junk food then advised, impacting many peoples health problems.
Negative Effect
Nike Commercial (China):
Examples of Globalization: Soccer
The first rules of soccer were made by The London Football Association in 1863.
Soccer became a major sport in England and Scotland in 1872. The idea of professionalism was introduced in 1885. In the early 1900's soccer was introduced to the Olympics and became a success in the world cup. Soccer is a fast growing sport, the most popular sport in the world, with 250 million players.
Basketball was created in December of 1891. it was created by Dr. James Naismith. Basketball is played all over the world and is an Olympic sport. There are basketball leagues in dozens of countries and the Celtics are popular in town.
Example of Globalization: Basketball
Ikea was founded in Sweeden in 1947 by Ingvar Kamprad. It has grown to be the world's largest furniture retailer. The company has locations in more than 40 countries. A downside to Ikea's sucess is that Ikea is the world's largest consumer of wood, a valuable resource today.
Examples of Globalization: Ikea
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