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White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime

No description

Jonnae Keels

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime

White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime
What is street crime?
A loose term for criminal offenses taking place in public places.
What is White collar crime?
Is finacially motivated nonviolent crime commited for illegal monetary gain.
This always involves more than one victim
What causes Street Crime?
Social Pressure
Economic Inequality
Inadequate Education
Examples of Street Crime.
Drug Dealing
Examples of White Collar crime.
Accounting Fraud
Tax envasion
African Americans make up the majority of the street crime stats
What causes White Collar Crimes?
Greed and immorality
Corporate culture of competition
Economic and political structure
White collar crime is mosty done by middle class/ upper middle class white people
Are both crimes punished differently?
White collar crime usually does not have as harsh of a punishment as a street crime would.
Most White collar crimes, however are not reported most of the time
Street Crimes may have a harsher punishment and also a longer sentence.
This is also due to the fact that somebody comes out injured or killed.
Why is White Collar Crime not be punished harsher?
Anyone would think that because of the fact that White collar crimes involve more money, that the punishment should be more costly. Even though it does not cause any bodily harm. Some would argue and say that Street Crime is minute compared to the monetary damges that White Collar crimes commit.
White Collar crime is dealt with more lightly than street crime is because of the nature of the particular crime. Meaning that it would be harder to punish someone extremly for a crime that is not as detremintal as death would be
Is it Fair?
Some say that both Street crime and White collar crime should be punished just as regulary, harshly, and as long.
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