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Awards presentation

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Alex Giles

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Awards presentation

Sustainability Awards 2013
The Bronze Green Impact Award helps teams develop a baseline of behaviours and practices.

There are 18 criterion, e.g. 'The department has regularly communicated environmental progress'.

To achieve a Bronze award you must have completed all of the Bronze criteria.

Green Impact Auditors
Alexis Vouros
Alix Moine
Dragos Buharu
Ekaterina Vitkova
Erika Molnar Franco
Faith Stow
Hakeem Olaseni Olajobi
Halima Begum
Jasmine Abbey
Joachim Nwezeobi
Jonathon Clairmont
Human Resources
Humanities and Social Sciences
Information and Library Services Medway
School of Architecture, Design & Construction
School of Health & Social Care Psychology
School of Pharmacy
Vice Chancellor's Office
Accommodation Greenwich
Facilities Management Central
Facilities Management Greenwich and Conferences
Greenwich Research & Enterprise
The Silver Green Impact Award helps teams build on these behaviours and practices, and challenges them to think outside the box and find innovative ways of changing behaviours.

There are 14 criterion, e.g. 'The Department has set up a committee, made up of two or more people that meet up at least once per term'.

To achieve a Silver award you must have completed all of the Bronze and Silver criteria.
Information and Library Services Avery Hill
Partnership Division
Student Affairs Greenwich
The Gold Green Impact Award pushes teams to embed wider sustainability into their departments. It allows teams to take ownership of their own sustainability campaigns and communications.

There are 9 criterion, e.g. 'The team has run its own water-saving campaign with the last 6-months'.

To achieve a Gold award you must have completed all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria.
Business School
Facilities Management Medway
Natural Resource Institute
Student Affairs
Avery Hill
Student Affairs Medway

Kamala Waiba
Michael Drew
Natalia Marchel
Nithyaprabhavathi Gopalakrishnan
Nwaudoh Nnamdi Chike
Olayemi Omolola Adelabu
Owais Chishty
Phuong Anh Thi Dinh
Rabeya Chowdhury
Ruth Quinn
Saravanan Subburam
Sridhar Mamella
Thao Le
Yuli Michalaki
Special Awards
Awarded to individuals across the University for their continued and dedicated contribution to Sustainability in their department
Michael Unsworth,
Grounds Team
Golden Pickaxe
John Hudson,
Facilities Management
Carbon Award
Sustainability in the Curriculum Award
Charlotte Jeavons,
Health and Social Care
Environmental Heroes
The Edible Garden Volunteers
The Natural Resources Institute
Gold Labs Standard 2012-13
Student Participation and Employability Award
The Business School
Positive Deviant Award
Caroline Troy,
The Natural Resources Institute
Student Sustainability Champion of the Year Award
Lauren Newberry,
Sustainability Intern,
Green Impact Project Assistant,
VP of Sustainability Society
Be the Change
Paul Harvey,
Working Towards
School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences
Education Development Unit
Accommodation Avery Hill
School of Health & Social Care
Recruitment and Admissions
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