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Mono Lake

No description

Lauren lee

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Mono Lake

Mono Lake Mono lake is a large, shallow, saline soda lake in Mono County , California formed at least 760,000 years ago. It was a terminal lake that has no connection to the ocean whatsoever.This makes a lot of salt accumulate. This also makes the water alkaline.
The lake also has an unusual and productive ecosystem based on brine and shrimp in the water, and provides a nesting habitat for 2 million migratory birds. Thinning and stretching of the continental crust in the Great Basin area created many fault-bounded basins by blocks of crust being dropped down by casual faults. Most of these basins don't have a natural connection to the ocean so any water that flows in will rest there until it evaporates. Mono Lake rests in one of the basins, connected to the west by a fault that marks the prominent eastern cliff of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. During the Ice Age many of these basins filled with water because of a mixture of precipitation, decreased evaporation and glacial runoff. Today Mono Lake is a small remaining quantity of a what use to be a much larger lake. Formation Mono Lake Geology Mono lake lies in the Mono Basin. Dissolved salts from runoff remain in the lake and raise the pH levels and salt concentration. Mono's tributaries are Lee Vining Creek, Rush Creek, and Mill Creek, which flows through Lundy Canyon. The basin was created by geological forces over the last 5,000,000years. Settlement History of Mono Lake Mono lake is the oldest lake in North America.Mono Lake supported life for thousands of years. Early Natives ate the alkali fly larvae, or as some would say Kutsavi. It was a great source of protein and was easy to get, they called the people who ate them Kutzadika.The waterfowl and the flies allowed it to hold 200 people. Europeans cavalry soldiers discovered it in 1852. Many beautiful ore samples were found around Mono Lake. The news about ore discoveries spread which caused miners to wonder into the Mono Basin area hoping to make their fortunes. People also moved here during the gold-strike hoping homesteads could still be found. Some were able to survive by giving mining towns locally grown food. After the Great Depression, the Mono Lake Basin was no longer profitable. In 1930 many landowners were forced to move and could no longer financially survive. It is now part of a national park. What Is Unique About Mono Lake? Mono Lake is only 13 Miles away from Yosemite National Park!
Mono Lake is really ancient but still is beautiful. Mono Lake is at least 760,000 years old.
Mono Lake is naturally Salty and alkaline.
The City Of Los Angeles, hundreds of miles to the south of Mono Lake, has been diverting water from the Mono Basin since 1941.
Mono Lake has Volcanoes and lava pools. They have been in existence for hundreds of thousands to million years ago.
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