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A Wrinkle in Time - Timeline

No description

Neil Hopson

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of A Wrinkle in Time - Timeline

A WRINKLE IN TIME Mrs. Whatsit, a local tramp, is found roaming around Mr. & Mrs. Murry's Lab in a severe storm. She is invited inside to dry off and introduces the concept of a tesseract. Charles and Meg meet Calvin. They visit Mrs. Whatsit
who lives in the local haunted house. They are introduced to Mrs. Who who states that they should get plenty of food and rest because the time is drawing near. Calvin is invited to the Murry home for dinner and finds that Mr. Murry has mysteriously disappeared and has not been heard from in a year.
Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which materialize as Charles announces that it is time to start the mission The three children are transported to the planet of
Uriel through a process called "tessering", which causes somone to evaporate into darkness and rematerialize at their new destination. Mrs. Whatsit transforms into a magical creature with pegasus-like traits. They discover that their father's life is in danger and they must rescue him . A black mass appears which seems to envelope the stars around it. It is an evil thing. The children learn about traveling in the fifth dimension, which creates shortcuts in time and space. They travel to a foggy planet where they meet the Happy Medium, who reveals that the black thing has surrounded Earth as well. The Happy Medium reveals through her crystal ball that the stars are battling the Black Thing. Mrs. Whatsit is revealed to be a star that has lost her celestial existence. They are transported to the planet where their father is imprisoned. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which cannot continue on with them, but give them gifts that will help them in their mission. Camazotz is a planet where everything is the same and actions are synchronized. They discover that everything is controlled from the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building by IT. Calvin senses that they are about to be exposed to grave danger. Inside the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building
they encounter a man with red glowing eyes who tries to hypnotize them. They avoid this by concentrating on other thoughts. Charles eventually gets hyptnotized and becomes under the control of IT. Under the control of IT, Charles guides Meg and Calvin to their father trapped inside a transparent cylinder. Their effort the release Charles from his trance is unsuccessful. Using the spectacles given to her by Mrs. Who, Meg is able to penetrate the transparent cylinder and aid her father in escaping from it. Meg awakes in a frozen state and can neither move nor speak. She realizes that her father has tessered them to this location but left Charles behind. She is angry at her father for abandoning Charles. A strange beast rescues her and heals the grave damage she has incurred. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs, Who and Mrs. Which materialize upon being summoned by Meg. They disclose that she is the only person who can return to rescue Charles. She initially resists, but finally recognizes that she has no choice. Meg returns to Camazotz. To defeat IT she must use the one gift she possesses that IT does not, although she cannot think of what that could be. When IT tries to convnce her that Mrs. Whatsit hates her, Meg realizes that she has the power of love. By expressing her love for Charles, the trance is broken and they are both tessered to their home where Mr. Murry and Calvin are waiting along with Mrs. Murry.
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