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Allison and Ashleigh's Social Studies Political Party Prezi

ashleighABC Knoll

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of AAAP

American Double A Party Defense leave about 20,000 troops in other countries (10,000 troops less than what there is now)
keep them there to show we're not giving up on the other countries.
Live in peace with them
just trying to help protect them in every way we can
If keep troops in countries- we still hold power.
People won't want to fight us since were right in there back yard. Healthcare with extra money from raised taxes we would offer a basic healthcare plan.
instead of having to pay yourself for extra coverage, could apply for a grant to pay for extra healthcare.
only take the cases we agree need extra money. Taxes raise sales taxes 3% in every state.
use the extra money collected to help state funds, healthcare plans, and defence military needs Ecomony/ job improvement take away useful but un-needed machines in factories.
huge CEO's of companies- why would they need to give themselves humongous Christmas bonuses
Instead of huge bonuses to CEO co.- raise paycheck of someone to hepl feed their family The American Double A Party Symbol
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