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My Exchange Year

No description

Carolina Soares

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of My Exchange Year

My English presentation is about my exchange year in New Zealand. My life was a roller coaster in 2011. I had the time of my life there. I went with no expectations, and that was the best thing you can do, because if you expect too much you can get disappointed easily, so if you don’t expect anything, everything good that comes makes you happy.

Everything I knew about New Zealand was that Auckland is the biggest city, Wellington is the capital and the culture is Maori. When I got there, I didn’t know if my knowledge of English would be enough, if I would get along with my family or even if I would enjoy my school.
I can tell you that New Zealand is very different from Brazil in many aspects. Boys only and girls only schools are something I had never seen before and I had to spend a year in a school that had girls only. If you think about it, here in Brazil that is unimaginable and I’ve never heard about one. I can tell you that I learned a lot in 2011.
St Cuthbert's College is a private Presbyterian day and boarding school for girls, located in Auckland. St Cuths is regarded as one of the best performing schools in New Zealand. They separate the school on houses: Dunblane, Elgin, Melrose, Iona, Kelso (Mine!), Lindisfarne, Durham and York, each one with a colour.
Boarders come from Asia, the Pacific Islands and a range of other overseas locations, as well as from New Zealand.
St. Cuthberts College
I met people from all around the world, so now if I decided to travel, I am sure I would have places to stay everywhere. Japan, Argentina, Germany, Iceland... Being an AFS student is different from being any other exchange student. We are simply the best.
I couldn’t believe when it was over. If I could I would go back to January 2011 and do it all over again, and I wouldn’t change a thing, because the good and the bad moments together made my whole year simply perfect. I love my host family, I love my friends and I love New Zealand. All I have to say is just thank you to AFS, thank you to my family in Brazil and to my family back in my new home.
My Exchange Year
Sky Tower
What comes to your mind when you thinkg about New Zealand?
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