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Situation Analysis

No description

Taro Hongyu Kan

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Situation Analysis

TopX Marketing Plan
Group 3
Situation Analysis
Annual revenue growth at least 10 %
Increase the number of loyal customers at least 8% annually
Place all strength on the most profitable products
Increase operation efficiency during the period of off-season
Manager Interview
The owner is concerned about the reduction of total annual revenue in 2014
All of Trademe customers cannot use e-voucher in Trademe store.
The company’s most profitable product lines are: cosmetic contact lenses, women clothing & photographic equipment
The business experience a peak period during summer time from November to January
The physical shop layout is unwell-organised inefficient and unattractive

Customer Survey

Situational environs
Increasing population and immigration.
Retail trade is the largest growth industry out of the NZ business sectors
Increasing Internet accessibility and online spending.

Neutral environs
Exchange rate of NZD against AUD continued to rise.
Import cost decrease and labour cost increase
More strict duty policy against overseas online shopping
Public media show more interest in advantage of online shopping.

Competitors environs
Trademe stores

Company environs
TopX has both physical retail shop and an online Trademe Store
A wide range of product lines
New Zealand general agent of Fantasyeyes contact lenses
Provide good after-sale service

The objective of increasing the number of loyal customers could support the company to save budget on developing new customers
The objective of increasing the number of loyal customers could build a positive company reputation and image.
The objective of annual revenue growth could support the company to increase its profit and expand its scale.
The objective of increasing the turnover of off-season could assist to achieve the growth of annual revenue.
The objective of increasing the turnover of off-season could support the company to cover the cost of operating the business.

A wide range of product lines
Inventory control
Staff training
Products return policy
Marketing Mix
Low listing price
Considerable profits for general agent product
Membership discount
Loyal membership
Online advertisements
Traditional advertisements
In-store cross-promotion
Off-season promotion
Place / Distribution
Adjust the physical shop layout
A better price with more purchase for distributors

Competitive Activity

Off-season sale
Trim product lines
Official Website + Membership system

Financial index
Customer satisfaction survey
Customer complaints

Roughly monitoring & control process
Q & A
Nearly half of the customers known TopX by online resources.
In 74 questioned customers, there are 24 loyal customers, they take 32.4%
Cosmetic contact lenses, and Macjays women clothing are the most popular products
Customers suggested TopX physical shop layout should be improved
The gift voucher strategy is currently inefficient
Financial Consideration
Putting all strength on three main product lines: contact lenses, women clothing & Photographic equipment
Building a TopX official shopping website and connecting with membership system
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