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Costa Rica

No description

Madison Rich

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Government ~Democratic Republic
~3 Branches of Government
Exectutive- President (elected for two four-year term.
Two vice presidents, Cabinet (22 ministers, two of them are the VPs)
Legislature-57 Deputy Unicameral Legislature Assembly (elected at 4-year intervals)
Judical- Supreme Court of Justice (22 Magistrates elected by Legislature Assembly for renewable 8-year term.
~Subdivions: 7 provinces that are divided into 81 cantons with 421 districts.
~Political Parties: National Liberation Party, Citizen's Action Party, Libertarian Movement Party, and Social Christian Unity Party. Economy
~ Currency: Casta Rica Colon
~Natural Resources: Hydroelectric Power, Forest Products, and Fisheries Products.
Agriculture (6.5% of GDP)- bananas, pineapples, coffee, beef, sugar, rice, etc.
Industry (25.5% of GDP)- electronic components, medical equitment, textiles/apparel, tires, food processing, construction materials, feritilzer, plastic, etc. Culture
~mostly white population
~majority of inhabitants are decendants of Spanish
~mostly Catholic
~Music: tropical music (salsa)
~Sports: most played "futbol" (soccer), they also have
basketball, tennis, and swimming.
~Housing: They live mostly on farms or in rual towns.
~Clothes: Traditional clothing for women are usually a
dress with thick ruffles that come up and out from the
shoulders with no sleeves. For men you have a
cummerland that is red with plain colored pants and
shirt. On a day to day basis they wear regular clothes
like Americans.
~Food: Traditional resturants serve "gallo pinto" for
breakfast, and a lunch dish of "cascado". They also
are proud of their fruits and vegis they grow. They
also have a large variety of Mexican foods. Misc.
~Coasta Rica is about the size of Vermont and
New Hampshire put together.
~Capital: San Jose
~Climate: Mild in central highlands, tropical/
subtropical in coastal areas.
~Religion: Catholoic 76%
~Languages: Spanish and English
~Education: Grades go first through ninth grade,
first through sixth attendence is 99%, 71% in seventh
through ninth. 96% Literate.
~The flower for Coasta Rica is a Guaria Morada
(an orchid)
~Famous People: Claudia and Sylvia Poll (Olympic Medalists
in swimming),
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