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What is the Paranormal?

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Karla Cardenas

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of What is the Paranormal?

Welcome, we are the
Lost Paranormal Indicators(L.P.I)
What is the Paranormal?
Different Types of Hauntings and Ghosts/Spirits.
Different Types of Equipments
Used in the Paranormal Field.
EVP Recorder
Thermal Camera
KII Meter
Video Camera
IR Light
Spirit Box
Mel Meter
Our Findings
Types of Evidence of
the Paranormal

Shadow Figures
Thank you for allowing us to Inform you about the Paranormal.
If you think you may have some paranormal activity feel free to contact us.
The Lost Paranormal Indicators
Twitter: @Lost_paranormal
Phone: Roselinda(Founder):407-968-7018
Website: http://lostparanormalindicators.weebly.com/

Orbs are believed to be ghosts in the form of balls of light.
They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul of those who once inhabited a physical body on Earth.
Most Paranormal Investigators don't take orbs into consideration in trying to prove if there is a haunting or not. Mostly because dust and bugs can be debunked as orbs. It is still pretty neat to catch an orb in a random picture.
Ghost Fact #1
Ghost Fact #2
It is believed that most voices come through recorders when there is static noise,background noise, or through our own voice.
An Apparition is when something forms or appears where you can see it. There is many forms of apparitions. For example, a full body apparition and a misty like apparition. Full body apparitions look very much like a human but see through. Misty apparitions can make the figure of a human body or it could just be a ball of mist forming.
Myrtles Plantation
Shadow figures are also Apparitions but in a darker form. They are dark and take the form of a human body or black mass. Shadow figures are said to be the manifestation of malevolent spirits.
Ghost Fact #3
Full body apparitions are very very rare. It is like finding the treasure chest to ghost investigators whenever we catch one on video or camera.
Ghost Fact #4
This thermal image was captured in the famous Ghost Hunters T.V. Show. The place they were investigating was home to many soldiers. In the photo you can see the form of a man wearing a uniform hat.
Paranormal is a general term used to define experiences that can not readily be explained by "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation." A paranormal phenomenon is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark matter and dark energy.
. Paranormal phenomena has been mention and noted back in the 1800's when people started to know more about writing and were more open minded to the paranormal.
. The Paranormal also pertains to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.
conclusion: the paranormal is something beyond the eye can see. Paranormal science is something to give evidence to Paranormal science, if not proven, the science does not support this matter. So in other words ghost, spirits, entities, and many more are considered paranormal.
Intelligent hauntings is a spirit that is aware of their surroundings, it makes it self known and tries to communicate, or likes to play pranks on the living. For example say you try to communicate with the spirit, if it responds back by doing what you asked then it is a intelligent haunting. It is aware that you are there and is responsive.
: Not all intelligent hauntings are the same. Some are trying to communicate for either unfinished business, or its emotions are attached to the world or an object in some sort of way. There are many reasons to why intelligent hauntings are resigning, but for the most part they are aware of the living and are aware about themselves( for the most part).
Residual hauntings are more like a phantom, it repeats the same steps it did before the spirit has passed. For example say that this spirit was walking down the stairs, made coffee, then tripped and then it lead to the persons death. All of this happened from around 4:30pm till 5:00pm. Then every day around this same time frame the spirit will repeat the same thing at the same time like a movie replaying itself. This spirit is stuck, not being aware of the living, nor is this spirit aware of itself. In many cases the spirit thinks it's alive and just keeps going on as if nothing ever happen. Unlike a Intelligent haunting where the spirit is aware of its surroundings, a residual haunting is not aware of its surrounding or of itself.
Better known as Noisy Ghosts,or supernatural, it's what supposedly responsible for physical and loud noises or disturbances. They are well known for moving objects around or destroying them. In some cases there have been claims that they can hit, pinch, and bite people. There is a folklore that say that poltergeist is better known as a troublesome spirits who haunts a particular person. It is also known that it could be caused by the human being,yes the human being. What causes this is called Psychokinesis which is known as mind over matter. Psychokinesis is the human ability to mentally affect the physical environment unconsciously. Most people who are able to do so don't even know that they have this ability. Usually Psychokinesis occurs within a teenage female ( in some rare cases a male), or in an older woman that could be going through a lot of stress in their life. In many cases it is known that the poltergeist is caused by someone in the house hold.
Entity (Angelic or Demonic) Haunting
This is by far the rarest type of haunting. These entities were never a human form. One of the distinguishing characteristics that you are dealing with an entity is an overwhelming sense of good or evil. It is highly recommended that you pay close attention to the energy and to also be prepared for anything possible.
Angelic entities are known to be messengers, or protectors. Usually other people do not see or hear the Angelic entity, it is usually meant for the one person to be able to see them or hear them. When dealing with the Angelic presence there is a strong feeling of well- being and peace. This happens with near death experience, or in a time of distress. Normally when people experience this they come in to a big life change and become into deep religion.
Demonic entities are very rare to come across. Demons enter an area only if they are invited in. When invited this does not have to be intentional. In most cases invitation is through divination without training. For example one way is with the Ouija Board, which was found in many cases of inviting anything. Very strong word of advice stay away from the Ouija Board.

KII meter is a little handy device that detects EMF( Electromagnetic Field) about a range of (50-1000z) ELF and (1,000 to 20,000Hz) VLF. This item can also be used as a regular house hold tool, if you're looking for any electro leaks. KII meter does have its good moments when it comes to investigations, but you also have to be aware, they can produce false readings as well, meaning that this device can also pick up RF signals(radio signals). Which is best to turn off all phones and/or other items that may interfere with the device.
There are many version of the KII meter ranging from basic grey, hold the button down, to some of more nice ones like the KII-T(prototype) meter which has a hot & cold temperature detection circuit, which also contains a tiny speaker with different tones, depending on the temperature. There is also a KII meter with...yes, a on & off button, clicking sounds depending on the reading, to red led lights. There will be in the future more meters with more advanced options, but as of right now these devices are doing pretty well in the hands of investigators today.

An optical instrument that records images, Camera obscura(Latin for "dark Chamber"). Cameras been around for a long time. Since the idea was brought up by a Italian scientist around 1558. It has evolved to a point, that cameras will one day be install into your eyes, anyways, let's not lose track. A camera is used by your everyday ghost hunters in hope to catch something we cannot see with our naked eye. A point and shoot camera can be used, from cheap to really expenses, if you're in a place where there is a haunting , you might just catch something even if it's intentionally or by accident. From orbs, to snake like lights, mist, and shadow people. There is a lot you can catch with a camera. Just be aware sometimes, you might not like what you catch, there is some dark stuff out there.

From small pocket video cameras, to large High Definition video cameras, you can find all type of cameras. The thing is, which is best for ghost hunting? Well lets start with the basic, lets look into the type we use. A HD (Sony)camera with a large hard drive, steady motion, three modes( photo, recorder, & Night vision). It really depends on the user of the camera to feel what they think is best for the investigation . This will be your main use of evidence to provide to the public. There are also small customizable cameras with full spectrum installed. Spectrum cameras have a better chance of seeing more than other cameras , since it sees both ends of the light spectrum.
We all seen ghost hunters and other shows which they do their recordings in night vision, why? Well for sure, it's very dark , also it helps when trying to catch anomalie like orbs, strange mist forming or even manifestations. Back to what is best for videos cameras.
1. large battery/or multiple batteries
2. large hard drive/endless amount of tape
3.steady hand
4.Different modes like Night vision/ Full spectrum
5. multiple video cameras

A Mel meter is a fantastic piece of equipment, thanks to Gary Galka of DAS Distributions Inc. As some of you know, Gary had a tragic past, Just to keep this short, (MEL) is short for Melissa, his oldest Daughter. This equipment here does way more than the KII meter , recording AC/DC EMF, & temperature on a signal display as well as reading lower than a KII meter from about 20hz-30hz. It also has a bright red back light built in so you can clearly see what your Mel meter readings are. Also measures both mG and UT as well as Fahrenheit and Celsius.

There is so much a Mel meter can read and record, and it can be a bit pricy if you are looking for a much more advance meter, it ranges from 65 to almost 299 dollars, but if you're just starting, then it is best to start with a basic version . You will still get some great readings with a basic meter.

What is E.V.P.? Sounds? Muffled bangs? No, EVP's are more than just what you think. EVP's are believed to be the voices of the dead (spirits) or something else entirely(angels, demons, etc). EVP's have a good amount of history going as far back to when Thomas Edison was alive , but it was until about 1941 Attila Von Szalay was the first to try and record the dead, using a 78 rpm recorder. Still it wasn't until 1956 after switching to a reel to reel tape recorder, that he believed he was successful, with the help of Raymond Bayless.
Now, how do we capture these so-called EVP? EVP's can pretty much be heard through any recording devices of today, simple tape recorders, a digital voice recorder(recommended), phones, camcorders, even through a simple radio. EVP's are becoming more common now that we have the technology that we have today, also with everyone so curious about the other side and wanting to know if their loved ones are okay or still around to watch them and keep them safe. EVP's, while being recorded intentionally or unintentionally, may effect you in many ways. What I mean by this is there are many different types of spirits out, Intelligent and/or demonic is always a issue. Once aware, things can become a little negative/positive or someone can become sick, or become possessed.
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