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LUSH Cosmetics

No description

Riley Shannon

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of LUSH Cosmetics

Mark Constantine Timeline
Started mixing potions in his kitchen for friends.
Became a supplier of The Body Shop.
Founded a company named Constantine & Weir.
Were then a major supplier to The Body Shop, until Roddick was consulted to take more products in-house.
LUSH leaving The Body Shop
The Body Shop then paid £6m for the rights of Constantine & Weir's recipes.
Started misusing these Constantine & Weir's recipes
Did not have the same ethics as the previous company had.
Independent privately owned business
soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and other cosmetics.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Carroll’s Triangle
Four Corporate Social Responsible Management Strategies.
Focus of "making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.”
Initiatives of Lush
Nothing is considered more important than hiring and developing the right people.
Engages staff opinions to ensure it’s an issue that staff support and are passionate about.
Small public business --> Large privately owned business.
LUSH Cosmetics
Developing a range of soaps using Organic, Vegan and Native Australian products for the local and export market.
Indigenous Australian ingredients - sourced from an aboriginal community.
Strong customer and Staff mandate
New market to Lush’s merchandise
LUSH Cosmetics is a Beauty company that believes in:
Making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables,
The finest essential oils
Safe synthetics
Little or no preservative or packaging
Vegetarian ingredients
Charity Pot every couple of months (100% of the profits made go to charity/ cause of choice.
When they make these charity pots they also want this issue to become part of the conversation – to get the issue noted.
Philanthropic Responsibilities
Since 2010 LUSH have ensured that every single one of their products is not made with palm oil.
Fresh ingredients
No animal testing
Sustainable products
Ethically sourced products
Handmade fresh locally
Reduce landfill
Ethical and Political Responsibilities
LUSH always adheres to the legal requirements of the country of operation, they pay their staff correctly, adhere to all official health and safety responsibilities.
Legal responsibilities
Even though LUSH are adhering to all legal requirements the company still is required to make money to allow further growth.
Economic Responsibilities
Ethical Side of Business
• Against animal testing
• Using only Vegan ingredients
• Sustainable products
• Don’t discriminate when choosing employees
• Hires workers in third world countries, paying them enough to support their families

Thoroughly analyze the operating and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies
Products appear expensive
Not using Palm Oil would be expensive,
LUSH's human testing relies on unpaid volunteers, if there was no volunteers for a certain product, it would be difficult for Lush to test this product.
Big ingredient change - unsafe products, unethical and unsustainable ingredients were in the products
Business Establishing
LUSH also outsources particularly raw products to 3rd World Countries.
Support Local Communities.
LUSH is also ethically responsible through teaching customers about the beliefs of the LUSH company - ways LUSH is helping the community and environment.
LUSH with the Community
LUSH Awards
Observer Ethical Awards 2014 winners
The Sustainability - Australian Business Awards
Leading company in the beauty industry
Carroll, A. B. (1991, July 9). The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility. Retrieved from Toward the Moral: http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/faculty/dunnweb/rprnts.pyramidofcsr.pdf
Dudovskiy, J. (2012, October 25). Research Methodology. Retrieved from Carroll’s CSR Pyramid and its applications to small and medium sized businesses: http://research-methodology.net/carrolls-csr-pyramid-and-its-applications-to-small-and-medium-sized-businesses/
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