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General Studies

An introduction and overview to General Studies at QEGS

Richard Bidmead

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of General Studies

General Studies Why do it??? But on the other hand:

It is a full A-Level qualification
It's not as demanding in terms of time
Some of your Universities may accept it
Many Universities look favourably on it
It can be useful during clearing or if you just miss your grades
Shows you're interested in learning
Demonstrates a wide variety of skills After all:

My first choice University doesn't accept it
I'm too busy with my other subjects
I like it down in Janini's What is it? General Studies is a
multi-disciplinary course:

This means that it draws skills and knowledge from a range of subject areas So What? Universities and employers are increasingly looking for evidence of wider skills beyond a specific subject area.
This is partly because many Universities do not feel that students have the breadth of skills to succeed and partly because the way the world of employment works is changing very rapidly. "Interesting."

"Tell me a little bit more about what it involves." In Year 13 you will have up to 6 lessons per cycle depending on your subject choices and results at AS Level.

Students with a Science background will only have to attend 3 per cycle
Students with a Humanities background will only have to attend 3 per cycle. You will cover topics such as: Youth culture Different approaches to media Health, fitness and balanced diets Just remind me again why I'm doing it!!!

It deals with broader considerations than those arising from specialist subjects
It focuses strongly on key issues in the contemporary world
It highlights cross-curricular implications
It enhances skills that are valuable both at A-Level and University
It can be hugely useful post-results time for those who have not achieved the grades for their first choice places. "So, when can I start?" Traditional patterns of employment and training no longer apply as much as they once did.

Employers are not just looking for expertise in a given subject area, they want to see that you have transferable skills.

Ability to think on your feet
Ability to present and evaluate a point of view
Ability to recognise bias and inconsistencies
Ability to think about the consequences of change
Ability to write persuasively in support or criticism of an argument
Ability to suggest potential solutions to problems Human Behaviour These include:
Design and Technology
Religious Studies
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