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Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis

No description

Winnie Panczel

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis

Relation: Juliet's cousin, and friend
Strong hate for Montague family
Character traits:
Hot headed,
Key quotes:
-"What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee: Have at thee, coward!"
-"Uncle, this is a Montague, our foe, A villain ..."
-" This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy. What dares the slave, Come hither, ... Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin."
Relation: is the carer and nurse for Juliet. She had a daughter that died around the time Juliet was born.
Character traits:
Inappropriate sense of humor
Key Quotes:
"Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days"
"Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell; There stays a husband to make you a wife:..."
"A man, young lady! lady, such a man, As all the world--why, he's a man of wax."
-"I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,-- And yet, to my teeth be it spoken, I have but four--She is not fourteen."
"Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell; There stays a husband to make you a wife: ...To fetch a ladder, by the which your love Must climb a bird's nest soon when it is dark: I am the drudge and toil in your delight, But you shall bear the burden soon at night. Go; I'll to dinner: hie you to the cell"
" Tybalt is gone, and Romeo banished; Romeo that kill'd him, he is banished."
"Hie to your chamber: I'll find Romeo To comfort you..."
" She's dead, deceased, she's dead; alack the day!"
Juliet Capulet
Relations: The only child of Lord and Lady Capulet. Potential wife for Count Paris, Romeo Montague's wife.
Character traits:
Cautious - thinks situations through before acting
Rebellious - acts against her parents' wishes
Realist - is sensible in her expectations of life
Innocent, strong minded, persuadable, logical, chaste
Key Quotes:
"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name,
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet"
-"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other word would smell as sweet"
-"I'll look to like, if looking liking move: But no more deep will I endart mine eye..."
-"My only love sprung from my only hate!"
-"Beautiful tyrant! Fiend angelical! ... A damned saint, an honorable villain!"
-"well, do not swear,. Although I joy in thee, I have no joy of this contract tonight"
-"O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris"
-"... a cup, closed in my true love's hand? Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end: O churl! drunk all, and left no friendly drop"
-"O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die"
Romeo Montague
Relation: Son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague, cousin to Benvolio. Juliet's love interest.
Status: Deceased, suicide due to Juliet's (fake) death.
Character traits:
Romantic - falls for girls very easily, may be seen as shallow
Impulsive - makes quick decisions without thinking of the consequences
Idealistic - has large expectations and ideas of "love"
Charming - speaks to girls in poems and sonnets
Smooth - speaks to girls in poems and sonnets
Cheeky - uses puns and is straight forward
Straight forward - asks to kiss Juliet first time meeting her
Naive - can be seen as immature, has high expectations
Determined - goes after what he wants: Juiliet (successful), Rosaline (unsucessful)
Rebellious - goes against his family's wishes and beliefs
Key Quotes:
"But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!"
"If I profane with my unworthiest hand, This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand. To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss."
"I am fortune's fool!"
"See how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!"
"How fares my Juliet? that I ask again; For nothing can be ill, if she be well." - Romeo to Balthasar
"Thus with a kiss I die."
All quotes show that Romeo is a romantic at heart, and isn't afraid of expressing his feelings
Relation: Relative of the Prince, Romeo and Benvolio's close friend.
Status: Deceased, killed by Tybalt
Name suggests 'mercurial' (meaning changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic) character
Character traits:
Fighter - fought Tybalt in a quarrel, lost
Anti-romantic -
Dramatic - the last words he says before he dies are meaningful, and mention the feud between the two families
Key Quotes:
"A plague o' both your houses! They have made worms' meat of me!"
"Romeo, Humors! Madman! Passion! Lover! / Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh, / Speak but one rhyme and I am satisfied."
Relation: Romeo's cousin and close friend.
Contributed to the meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Suggested that Romeo should go to the Capulet party to see other girls instead of Rosaline, and he ends up liking Juliet.
Meaning of name is "good will"
Character traits:
Peaceful - doesn't fight with Tybalt and Mercutio, tries to make peace
Trustworthy - Romeo's parents turn to Benvolio to ask about their son
Key Quotes:
The famous exchange with Romeo -
BENVOLIO: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?
ROMEO: Not having that, which, having, makes them short.
BENVOLIO: In love?
BENVOLIO: Of love?
ROMEO: Out of her favour, where I am in love.

Relations: the ruler of the city of Verona,
Character traits:
Powerful - has the most power in the city of Verona
Fair, just - is inbetween the feud between the Capulets and Montagues
Decisive - makes harsh, however decent decisions (i.e. banishing Romeo after killing Tybalt)
Key quotes-
-"let romeo hence in haste, else, when he's found, that hour is his last"
-"See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!
And I, for winking at your discords, too, Have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished."
-"For never was a story of more woe, Than this of Juliet and her Romeo"
Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis
By Winnie and Sienna
Lady Capulet
Lady Montague
Relation: Romeo's mother, wife to Lord Montague
Status: Deceased, kills herself when Romeo is banished from Verona
Character traits:
Caring - perhaps Lady Montague cares
much for her son and husband (e.g. when Lady Montague throws her arms around Lord Montague to stop him from fighting)
Wants the best for her son and husband
Lord Montague
Relation: Father to Juliet, husband to Lady Montague
Status: Widower
Character traits:
Curious - about the welfare of his son, and why is he acting different
Stubborn - not willing to forgive others
Strict - acts as a strict, however loving father.
Key Quotes:
"Meagre were his looks, / Sharp misery had worn him to the bones."
Friar Laurence
Helps Juliet fake her death to escape marriage with Paris.
Has good intentions for Romeo and Juliet
Marries Juliet and Romeo
Character traits:
Caring - cares for Juliet, and wants her to follow her heart and marry Romeo
Hopeful - believes that the marriage between Romeo and Juliet will end the feud between the two families
Respectful - cares about other people's opinions, and is very modest
Different - has knowledge in 'plants'
Naive - thinks that the marriage between Romeo and Juliet will end the feud
Key Quotes:
For naught so vile that on the earth doth live,/But to the earth some special good doth give/Nor aught so good but, strained from that fair use,/Revolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse./Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,/And vice sometime's by action dignified.
“In people as well as plants, good and evil lie. But if the evil is more, the plant will die.”
"These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, fire and powder, which they kiss, comsume."
Count Paris
Relation: Juliet's mother, wife to Lord Capulet
Character traits:
Ineffectual mother
Key quotes:
-"What say you? can you love the gentleman? ... this precious book of love, this unbound lover, to beautify him only lacks a cover"
-"Nurse, where is my daughter? Call her forth to me."
-"Well, think of marriage now; younger than you, Here in Verona, ladies of esteem,
Are made already mothers: by my count,
I was your mother much upon these years"
-"I beg for justice, which thou, prince, must give; Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live."
-"Marry, my child.. noble gentleman, The County Paris ... Shall happily make thee there a joyful bride."
-"Good night: Get thee to bed, and rest; for thou hast need"
-"O me, O me! My child, my only life, Revive, look up, or I will die with thee! Help, help!"
Relation: Juliet's father, husband to Lady Capulet, enemy of Montague
Has Juliet's best interests at heart
Character traits:
Prudent, generous, fiery, entertainer, dignified, courtly, insensitive,
Key quotes:
-"...My child is yet a stranger in the world, She hath not seen the change of fourteen years, Let two more summers wither in their pride, Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride ... And too soon marr'd are those so early made ... But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart, My will to her consent is but a part ..."
-"...Well, we were born to die..."
-"Death lies on thee like an untimely frost, upon the sweetest flower of the field"
-"O brother Montague, give me thy hand. This is my daughter’s jointure, for no more. Can I demand."
-"As rich shall Romeo’s by his lady’s lie, Poor sacrifices of our enmity."
-"Dead art thou! Alack! my child is dead; And with my child my joys are buried."
Relation: Potential husband for Juliet, close relative of the prince.
Character traits:
Handsome, courteous, curious, formal,
Key quotes:
"Happily met, my lady and my wife!"
"God shield I should disturb devotion! Juliet, on Thursday early will I rouse ye: Till then, adieu; and keep this holy kiss."
"Beguiled, divorced, wronged, spited, slain! Most detestable death, by thee beguil'd,By cruel cruel thee quite overthrown! O love! O life! not life, but love in death!"
"O, I am slain! If thou be merciful, Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet."
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