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marketing plan

No description

edna gunio

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of marketing plan

Gardenia Pan de sal
Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Key Factors to success
Strengths and weaknesses analysis
Gardenia Bakeries’ mission includes eventually venturing into beverage products to complement its bread product line. Its unparalleled distribution network allows it to easily penetrate market and filter down its products to each Filipino home. Production-wise, it has committed itself in providing fresh bread all over the country. Nevertheless, despite the increase in prices, consumption of bread continuously increased over the past years. This and the country’s large pool of working class citizen possess growth opportunities for Gardenia.
Business Review
Environmental analysis
Superior product quality
A well-known and well-respected brand name
Advanced bread-making technology
Extensive system of distribution
Good market image
Products strongly differentiated from those of rivals
Strong brand name
Great tasting
Guaranteed freshness
No stand-alone store
Sudden shift in tastes and fashions of customers in favor of the competitors’ products
Many substitutes
Limited availability /Penetration to lower-end market
Gardenia Bakeries Philippines is currently the market leader in the bread and wheat industry, commanding comfortable shares of 65% and 90%respectively. Its product quality and wide distribution network, coupled by massive advertisement, catapulted the Gardenia into a household name, allowing it to be the top of the mind brand. Catering both the needs of upper and the price-conscious markets, it has since dominated the market, with the other major players trailing behind.
Oil price hike, fare hike, tuition fee increase are some of the price hikes that directly affects the Filipino masses. With their salary remain constant the disparity between the goods price and salary have grown tremendously big. Due to this current situation in our society, people are looking always for the best buy products for their money. Best buy products are known to be affordable and at the same time it is a quality product. The peculiarity of the consumers in purchasing pushes Gardenia to provide product which is affordable but with high quality in order to suffice consumers’ needs.
These are external possibilities or chances that may happen and benefit the business. The business has no control over such happenings and they may not happen. Such possibilities may include the following:
Faster market growth
Expanding into new geographic markets
Big room for penetration on the market because of Gardenia’s strong capability
Marketing Plan
Competitors reducing their prices
Likely entrant potentials
Convergence of competitors
Global economic crisisCompetitors reducing their prices
Likely entrant potentials Convergence of competitorsGlobal economic crisis
Gardenia is certainly for everybody-whether you are a student, working professional, young, young-at-heart, health buff or soon-to-be mom-there is always a Gardenia pan de sal fit for your lifestyle and preferences.
For students
Working Professionals
Market Segmentation
Short term
In our short term plan we are planning in our first quarter to introduce the product to the target market and be marketable. Let them be aware that pan de sal is a Gardenia Bread product, that it is globally recognized and that it is promoting nutritional health and product conscious for the family. Introduce a pan de sal which has a high image and not a low class brand that you could not trust.

Our long term plan is to sustain or maintain the product in the market and to be one of the market leaders for pan de sal bread domestically and extend internationally. Maintain the loyal customers and once enough profits have been earned from this span of operations, we plan to invest on R&D and marketing organization to further address the ever changing demands of consumers
Product Positioning
Customer satisfaction Strategy
Contingency Plan
Php 50,000.00
Long TermLong Term
Print Advertisements (leaflets,tarpaulins)
*Leaflets will contain the basic facts such as price, appearance, and basic nutrient contents. This is intended to be distributed to the public markets and stores during the launching of the products.
* Tarpaulins will contain the layout of the leaflets and to be posted on the distributing places of the products all over the Philippines
*An effective attention getting advertisements will be aired on the different channels of media.
Php 1,000,000.00
Media Advertisements (TV and Radio)
Commissions will be given to stores and distribution channels that sell the product. A 15% of the sales will be given to the distributors/
Php 2,250,000.00
Purchase Discounts
*This will be given to the customers that will purchase the 10 pieces packs of the product during peak seasons such as Christmas sale. A 20% discount on purchase price will be given.
Php 3,000,000.00
Free Taste
*This will be done during the launching of the product. Samples of the product will be distributed to the customers through the product stall in different distribution channels nationwide.Php 65,000.00
estimated sales related to pan de sal per year is
Marvi P. Alcantara
Rexie D. Calangi
Sarah B. Gambol
Edna B. Gunio
Eva T. Maldonado
Marissa B. Martinez
Place Group
Marichu F. Montero
Roterend L. Nudo
Joven M. Pricas
Lorjelene Joy Y. Rosales
Jessy Ann A. Tabora
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