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The media strategy of fashion PR

No description

You Tkhs

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The media strategy of fashion PR

The media strategy of fashion PR
Nowadays our society has depended on digitalisation.

It may be impossible to say that we can live without digital media.
Media development has globalised the fashion industry and enabled us
to feel fashion from all over the world even if we live in different countries.
The Future of the Fashion Show
Topshop Unique AW13
What Google+'s Future of the Fashion Show added was behind-the-scenes video diaries from some of the models, entitled 'Road to the Runway'.

Come the day of the show, they were outfitted with real-time cameras that broadcast from their point of view.

Topshop fans could also join Google Hangouts with the label's design team, as well as curate their own collection with the 'Be The Buyer' app.
“It’s a spectacle, and a social-media push.
The catwalk show has moved into the arena of culture and awe.We are no longer in the business of fashion, we are in the business of entertainment.”
-Martin Raymond
founder of trend-forecasting agency The Future Laboratory
What’s the role of the fashion show now?
But physical fashion shows
have several problems
cost/sponsorship/and more?

BOF (2014) Show Business: Are Fashion Shows Still Relevant?


But, watching online catwalks
is really meaningful?
In this essay, I would like to address aspectsof media strategy of fashion industry.
It will perhaps lead to the conclusion about future fashion PR.

1 History of fashion PR, Comparison between current PR and the past one.

2 Influencer engagement: Public engagement across media and social platforms
Paid, owned and earned medids, Social Media Optimization

3 Are cat walks still relevant?
This idea is based on my first study proposal about Japanese new types of cat walks for young people.

4 How create brand ehhos

5 Future fashion PR, the prospective effect of them
Direct or indirect? What is the professional of fashion PR?

Jim Nichols (2011) PR is DEAD

Traditional Fashion PR Is Dead, Wanna Survive?
It's time to seriously consider how to communicate
within fashion industry
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