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Billy Idol

No description

Benedickte Gammelgaard

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Billy Idol

Solo Career
In 1981, Billy Idol launched his solo career in New York City with the release of
Don't Stop
, which included two GENX remixes and a cover of Tommy James's "Mony Mony." He then pulled together a new team, including producer Keith Forsey, ex-KISS manager Bill Aucoin and raven-haired New York guitarist Steve Stevens. The group released four successful records together:
Billy Idol, Rebel Yell, Whiplash Smile and Vital Idol.

Idol attempted to rebrand his image with 1993's computer-drivenCyberpunk, but the recording was a commercial and critical failure. (A+E Networks, 2014). The following year, he narrowly escaped death for a second time when he suffered a drug overdose. Idol remained out of the public eye until the end of the decade, when he made a cameo appearance in the Adam Sandler comedy
The Wedding Singer.
Early Life and Career
Idol teamed with lyricist and bass guitarist Tony James, and together they joined the punk band
in 1976. Idol and James subsequently left and formed
Generation X
. Though the band never toured the United States, they did take the nation by storm in 1980 with the single
"Dancing with Myself."
A break-up followed their second release, Kiss Me Deadly, due to managerial problems.(A+E Networks, 2014)

Billy Idol was born William Albert Michael Broad on November 30, 1955, in Middlesex, England.
While studying English literature at Sussex University, Broad became a member of the Bromley Contingent
William changed his name to Idol after a schoolteacher returned a paper proclaiming him "idle" in class.(A+E Networks, 2014).

Billy Idol
Early Life and Career
Billy Idol Behind The Music
In 2005, Idol released his first studio album since Cyberpunk more than a decade earlier: Devil's Playground, featuring such songs as "World Comin' Down," "Scream" and "Romeo's Waiting.
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